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  1. .Guzzie.

    Any Australians here who still play ESF?? =(

    Any Australians out there.... anybodyy....... :(:(
  2. .Guzzie.

    Help with VBulletin

    Well, I want to install VBulletin on my website. I've done what is needed. - Installed "upload" folder. - Ran install - So its installing, but when I get to step two I encounter this error: --------------------------------------------- Step 2) Connect to the database Attempting to...
  3. .Guzzie.

    Is there a command that....

    Is there a command that I can put into the Server.cfg, that will allow everyone to hear eachothers mic talk?? Instead of only the 'team' being able to hear it?? EDIT: Found the answer - Its sv_alltalk, set it to '1' if your interested -Guzzie
  4. .Guzzie.

    MORE Server Questions!

    Well here I am again, with more questions about Servers. For starters, what are some REALLY good Server Specs that won't Crash ESF. Windows OS only thanks =] Also - What might cause ESF to crash, ++ ways to fix it. Anything else on improving a dedicated server? Thanks guys <3...
  5. .Guzzie.

    Need some help with the SV commands and AMX

    Just got a few questions : 1) Where in my Dedicated Server can I edit sv_region?? Typing it up in the console doesn't seem to work. Do I simply add it in : server.cfg? 2) How do I set a permanent time limit on my server. I'm able to set a limit, but after I change the map through my own will...
  6. .Guzzie.

    Happy Birthday to Dewd in the Newd

    It rox to live in Australia. You get to see people's birthday's ealier than the others =] Happy Birthday to these two special people =] Optimus Prime and Dewd in the Newd Have a good one eh :yes: -Guzzie
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    Pain`...Has Retired o.O

    HE DIDNT EVEN SAY GOODBYE!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: I can't believe it, not a good bye, not a kiss, nothing. Can you guys fill me in??? I'm a bit lost here, why did he leave?? Whos going to control the Force Pit now?? HELP -GuZzie
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    Happy Birthday MAJIN_YOU

    ZOMG ITS AN ADMINS BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAJIN_YOU!!! Wooo00oo the big 20 eh?? Time to get wasted :). -GuZzie
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    YOUR Favourite song at the moment.

    What's your favourite song AT THE MOMENT. I wanna have a look and if I like it, i'll put it on my Ipod [ Should be honoured ], so when I go for a jog i'll be happy :). Well mine at the moment is -The Quiet Place by In Flames. Got introduced to me by Pain` when he made that ESF Vid...
  10. .Guzzie.

    Future of Earths Special Forces.

    So what's the future for ESF??? Are you guys just going to release the 1.3 and finish the project?? The reason i'm asking this is because it would be sad if everything just came to an end, perhaps you guys could hand over the project to another group in the community who are keen into improving...
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    Happy Birthday Hibiki

    Happy Birthday HIBIKI #1 Poster on the Forums Hehe, Happy Birthday bud, have a good one :) -GuZzie
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    Happy Birthday FreeDoM.

    Happy Birthday Freedom Have a good one :) We appreciate your contribution towards the game. -GuZzie
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    ESF Executable.

    Hey guys!! I just bought the Logitech G15 and it's the bomb!!! I found like 4 glitches in ESF in the 1st hour or so - LOL -. Anyways ummm, as you guys know the Logitech G15 comes with the Sexeh LCD Pad, but I was wondering wheres Esf's Executable file. If I knew where that was I could get it...
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    Today, it's the day... KAINATION!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! IM HORNY FOR JOO!! WOOO!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAINATION!!! Have a good one buddy!! Thanks for being a great member of this community.!!!! Lots of Love... -GuZzie
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    Happy Birthday mf29

    Wonder why I put this thread here?!?!? Cause ur soo SexEh at making Sigs :d :d Have a good one buddy,happy birthday :) :) Give us a SxC sig :D :D -GuZzie
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    Whos was stronger Ss2 Gohan or Ultra Perfect Cell??

    The answer might in an instant pop up as Ascended Super Saiyan [SS2] Gohan. But lets think for a second. When Cell had came back from self-destructing his power had increased dramatically. Even though we didn't get to see his new fighting ability's in the action we got to see Cell get into a...
  17. .Guzzie.


    Hello!!!- Ummm,I heard that your able to use the amx_nukem plugin [Orginally to CS] on ESF.The question is how??? Do you have to re-code it or something >_< Or if you guys have already done it,could you please post a link where to download it :P EDIT: And the fireworks :D :D Thanks...
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    Dragonballs-Unseeable on Radar

    Hey guys GuZzie here. I know i've been full of questions lately,but that's only because of the new server that's been up. Anyways,might any of you know how to disable Dragonballs being seen on the radar?? Cause we're hosting CTDB every Friday Night on our server but I think its been a...
  19. .Guzzie.

    Maps that contain Dragonball entitys!

    Hello!! GuZzie here!! Anyway,Australia has a new server - Custom-X Earths Special Forces and at the moment everything is running well-We got the best AMX [Ty Kain] around,we've configured the CTDB System too.Now we can play CTDB all we hasnt crashed since...never >_> But I want new...
  20. .Guzzie.

    How is bad FPS caused??

    Heya guys!! Im thinking of making maps :) :) Yesh im so excited but I must ask this question. What are the factors to bad FPS??? Just tell me so I dont finish of a map with the worst FPS around :) :) -GuZzie