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    krillin partner

    Ok so most of the characters have buddys i was thinking y not give krillin a buddy like kid gohan from the namek saga or vegeta when he unlocks potencal that way i think krillin would be more balcend out with the rest of the characters.
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    an idea for ctdb mode

    Instead of having just the green ring to put them in to what about including a small podium there where there are slots for dragon balls to fit in to.
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    final flash sprite

    a final flash charge sprite i have been working on for 1.3 comments plz its only my first sireus charge sprite i have made
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    melle combo Suggestion

    OK this is my first ever major Suggestion If 2 players hit each other with basic melle 5 times in a row it should go in to a random arrow attack pattern. Lets say if one player gets 4 out of 5 right he causes lets say 20 hp damage if the other player hits 3 out of 5 random arrows. But if a...
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    timechamber map problem

    i have noticed that in the time chamber map you carnt go to where the shower or friges are i have a pic from in game it seems the models are bigger than the door ways
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    :idea: AFK key

    Would it be possible to put in a AFK (away from keybored) key so that people can not attack a player thats away. I think this would be a great feture to the mod as to stop people getting pl from non attacking players.
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    Non beam attacks idea

    Would it save time to make moves like BigBang Finish Buster and Spritbomb in to models instead of sprites. I mean sprites are moveble but non beam trail weapons are not moveble so my suggestion is make the named attacks models
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    Custom models

    evry time i try to play with custom models it dosent work i select custum but it wont go to game like its supposed to
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    where has it gone plz tell me i am having withdrawl symptons
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    bigpack 8.4 read me

    First you will need EcX RC2 and bigpack 8.4. for goku,s transformation,s. 1.200.000PL false ssj meaning a kaioken affect with black ssj hair. 1.900.000PL ssj. meaning the legend has been born 6.500.000PL ascended ssj 22.000.000 to 25.000.000PL ssj3. a transformation that took nearly...
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    2 models for one attack

    i am making a gohan cci character and i need to know how i could add goku to gohans super kamehameha in his ssj2 form so it makes it like the show any help would be nice
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    error log suggestion

    what about making an error log for 1.3 in the final relese so that any errors that are making it go back to the main windows page can be viewd and fixed
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    ssj facts or not facts

    its speculated that the normal ssj forms we all know from dragonball z are not real ssj forms but that the ssj4 form is the real form of full super siayajin note vegeta talking about the legendary ssj you see an oozaru in his refrance aka golden oozaru of the super saiyajin so stating this gold...
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    SIG req

    i am requesting a sig with this image with the name ANUBIS in red letters any style will do thanks
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    how to save the uv map

    i am using ms3d and i am trying my hand at mapping but i need to know how i can save to a uv map so i can texture the landing pad for a saiyan space pod
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    esf world wesite i carnt seem to get there keeps asking me to use a user name and password
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    cell bug when using frieza disk

    evry time i use frieza disk cell seems to go way out of shape and the same happens when flying :scared: :scared: :scared: i have pic of bug