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  1. skizer

    ESF-W GameServer Up again!

    ESF-World has now 2 Public Server and 1 Duel Server (the old boys know the server..) The servers are running ESF with AMXX. Servers: IP: ESF 1.2.3 #1 | Gamers - Desire IP: ESF 1.2.3 #2 | Gamers - Desire...
  2. skizer

    two balls Oo

    just made lol "two balls" xD maybe as bigbang or something like this O_o pic 1 pic 2 any suggestion xD..?
  3. skizer


    Hey yo, i have make a new deathball and want to know your comments ^^! rate it pls 0/10 and some feedback :P >>click0r me<<