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  1. skizer

    ESF Tournament 2014

    I'd beat you all anyway, especially IceX :p
  2. skizer

    RIP Deman

    I usually read the forum often, rather than I post - but that tragically happening I can't ignore. Rest in peace dude, my deepest condolences to the family and thanks for any support you gave to this community and project.
  3. skizer


    You will give !
  4. skizer

    getting more LEGAL users in the esf community

    Exactly. Like tonjohn already mentioned it, you don't even have to put in your Steam Data if you're already logged in at the official Steam Site. The validation system is a measurement that I, as hoster and publisher of this project decided to start. As more and more users with a not legit...
  5. skizer

    Hello I would ask a antibind

    Baka ... I just woke up, but still I'm able to understand it. *slap* Plus its the wrong category ... Maybe an user from the community will help him out, moved to the addons section (redirect link will stay for 2 days)
  6. skizer

    [Old PotW] Freeza Ice Sculpture

    Even when this picture is the result of a bug, its still looking great :D What do you think POTW is standing for? "Potter Of The Week"
  7. skizer


    Its absolutely okay if hes liking the map that much and thinks that damaera did an excellent job on it, but its not okay to write that hes actually licking someones ass for getting accepted by the community. Do I have to remind you about manners ?
  8. skizer

    Hi ESF Firends!

    Now thats what I call a friendly welcome. ;P Welcome from me too !
  9. skizer

    Error in my half life

    If someone is smart enough to get his hands on non steam etc. - then he should be clever enough to buy a legit copy and register it through steam. Our nice community provided you on 4 pages a great support - even as you were just giving us screens of a non steam version of Half-Life / ESF...
  10. skizer


    Nice to see that you faced the fact - ripping is bad Just be patient; earn critism and put it into your new work. I'm not sure, but there should be some old signature tutorials left in this board; google is an option too for searching such tutorials etc. They will help you for sure ;)
  11. skizer

    Picking a Laptop

    Buy a laptop for around 600 bucks and you're fine.
  12. skizer

    Happy Bday Skizer!

    @Rocky haha, nice one :P @Spunky I dont know ether... :( Thanks again =)
  13. skizer

    2 commercials made for school

    You guys did a great job - especially on the 2nd one, really liked it !
  14. skizer

    Happy Bday Skizer!

    Austrian, not australian .. we don't have kangaroos ;P .. Thanks :P
  15. skizer

    Happy Bday Skizer!

    Haha, I didn't expected anyone to see my bday since there are so many other people xD.. Thanks =) P.S I'm ill and got angina.. and that on my bday.. isn't that great ?
  16. skizer

    Seattle cop punches teenage girl in the face for being an idiot.

    She deserved it, I would've done the same. Just because shes a woman doesnt get her the right to do anything she wants. If a girl slaps me in the face, I would slap right back and scream... IN YA FACE !
  17. skizer

    Gohan AF

    Probably sitting in front of a 1000$ computer ... As the rules declare clearly the situation and regarding the posts from the other members. Not having a legal copy of Half-Life (Steam)-> No Support -> No Source Code -> topic closed. If you really want the source code so badly, contact the...
  18. skizer

    Fatal Error.

    Buy steam, get support - or better leave already. Topic closed.
  19. skizer

    EVM's Source Code

    The source code hasn't been released yet and I highly doubt it ever will. For further question belonging to this topic => contact raven, as he's (was) the responsible project leader. P.S @dutchmeat - watch your language in front of other members of this community, I can still remember as you...
  20. skizer

    New Map System Revealed

    There are tons of other categorys for GPUs, but if we're talking from the games one and going strict to the brute force from the top ATI & NVIDIA cards - then ATI would win the race. (2009 - 2010) On the otherside, you guys cant compare systems like PS2 and PC (another way of handling the mhz...