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  1. SSFT

    Half-Life 2: Episode 1

    Yeah, you beat the game, wacth to the end of the credits. It then will look like it kicks you to desktop, but if you wait awhile the trailer for ep2 will pop up
  2. SSFT

    Fate of StarCraft: Ghost

    Give us World of Starcraft. I guarantee it will be a hit.
  3. SSFT

    For minors

    Funny, I have never had that problem. I was buying M rated games such as leisure suit larry when I was 9 years old. I am 19 now and of course won't ever have that issue.
  4. SSFT

    "Top Ten Reasons You Failed the Dreamcast"

    SegaNET was crappy, even compared to AOL. The VMU's broke too often (can remember how many chao pets I lost due to the breaking of vmu's) There were hardly any good games (Sonic, Soul Calibur, and Skies of Arcadia are the best they had) and... other than that it was a fine system. It had nice...
  5. SSFT

    Look at the little red monkey :o

    I don't get it. I don't seem to be affected by it at all. It was kinda cute, but the animation was poorly done. All he did was motion tweens.
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    I like the daytime, but sleeping at night on a hard bumpy damp floor is not that great. I would rather camp in an RV than a tent. Last few times I have gone camping in New Hampshire (I live in Texas, but the mountains are so awesome to camp in) it has rained, and nights were uncomfortably cold...
  7. SSFT

    something i found ...

    My crummy attempt, it is hard to get a solid color across an area due to the spraypaint effect. so it didn't end up looking like how I wanted. Oh well
  8. SSFT

    What if there was a zombie epidemic?

    I would get a hot air baloon full of cans of beans and float on until the danger passes.
  9. SSFT

    final boss in serious sam

    he is tall, just run away from him. That is what I did, ended up winning.
  10. SSFT

    Half-Life 2: Episode 1

    Yeah, I was a bit dissappointed. All this hype, cost 20 bucks, and beat it in just under 3 hours. Not to mention the end fight was nothing special.
  11. SSFT

    WHat new feature will you try first in 1.3?

    Going try out the new bouncing animation effect on a couple of characters.
  12. SSFT

    The "I think of this when I hear that word" game...thingy..whatever

    Horribly mistranslated dubs
  13. SSFT

    The 'we don't need seven hundred' Super Smash Bros. Melee Thread.

    Marth Young Link Ganon Zelda/sheik Mr. Game and Watch
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    Short Skirts galore
  15. SSFT

    Why do people bother with PC games ?

    We have Sam Fisher and Masterchief in the forms of Splinter Cell and Halo. Not to mention all the mods that attempt to play homage to them. Are the MGS and Splinter Cell guys named the same?
  16. SSFT

    Why do people bother with PC games ?

    My PC is a gaming rig, I built it to game, but that doesn't mean I am forbidden to do anything else on it. :rolleyes:
  17. SSFT

    Ways to browse from work...

    Get a PSP or something that browses the internet. Who needs a PC when you have the internet in your pocket? XD
  18. SSFT

    $10 for GMOD?!

    I made one I thought was pretty good in gmod v6 but yeah, most of the sets are pointless and unrealistic, like this one I made
  19. SSFT

    Why do people bother with PC games ?

    I upgraded my computer to play oblivion not too long ago, and only spent 300 dollars. It is not like you have to buy a whole rig that is pre-built. Shopping for parts is the most cost effective thing. Consoles exist for those poor suckers who don't know how to upgrade their PC.