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    well i saw that weird "aura" like thing when transing ssj in esf 1.1 and 1.2 but can't u guys swith that with the aura the user is using ? like when u use darksuns aura it should be darksuns aura ingame transformation to ... i hope this is being 'fixed' in esf 1.3 if not than this is a...
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    melee 2 (almost same as thread beneath)

    just a question ... i know both combo's !! ^^ but will esf 1.3 have still thesame combo's ? or are they totally diffrent ?? :'(
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    new name

    well its just a little thing ^^ u got esf 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and than 1.4 right ? well if esf goes 1.4 it shouldn't be called like that :S u have bdk 1,2,3 than tenkaichi and so u have many games were there doesn't exist a 4th edition so what about use esf 2 than ? think about it u guys have...
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    server problem

    srry if this is irritating and asked before like many things :p anyway somehow i cant get my server online i can make one and play with bots but i cannot get it online i tried sv_lan 0 and that didn't work either . can someone pls help me ? ps: i can join all servers
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    help me pls (server crash)

    if i play esf 1.2.3 together with evm 2 ... i played arround 1 hour and my game freezes and crashes ... donno what the problem is than since my pc is fast ... 3.2 ghz 256 mb geforce 6800 gt asus 1024 mb ram so i dont get it ... PLS HELP ME
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    well after i saw the teams mapper request here i thought maybe someone wants to model a high or medium poly model for esf its a girl and i love her but i dont see her much so i wanted to ask if someone could model her please i want her so badly ( high poly is best please) but i would...
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    PLease need help

    well i have a nice mod but the bots or something else lets the game crash so i need help of a coder badly the site : the game is actually based on perfect dark a n64 game and that game rocks believe me only we need a stable release ... so if a coder would...
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    Can someone pls make a list with all the lates plugins + controls or how to use (amx_????????????) there are nice plugins but i cant use them :cry: Please help me
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    Ki Control and swoop

    Well, i dont like the ki consumption in esf because it drains ure energy like hell what i suggest is to get 1 bar more . stamina bar or something almost evry dbz game has it. flying will get away ure stamina but not to fast because u they say in the show that its almost energy less ( heard at...
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    power struggle

    Well i had an idea with the powerstruggle. like gohan did against the khh of his father in the time chamber. he was blocking it with his bare hands than he charged and fired a khh against his father's one than they ware almost aqually . so ingame u will get hit by a beam and u block it...
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    Well i just recorded a demo . i type viewdemo goku then its start to play but i dont see any model of goku just the map i was playing in ... how to let it view ma models to ?? and sprites etc and is there a converter for the demo files to avi or divx etc ?
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    newest movie on main menu

    how did u make that movie ????? is it included in 1.3 ??? cause the movie rocks ^^ make more pls go go go team ;)
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    Plugins and screenshots

    Well can someone give me good plugins for esf 1.1 or esf 1.2 cause i saw good pics but i couldnt make them so here are some pics i found and took . dont be mad if its one of ures so credits to the owners of it :]
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    its important

    well i say u guys have to make a won version with bots or a won version and steam version with evrything on it and singlke player because of my thread in help named 'steam' its important cause esf is the best hl mod there is and esf 1.2 and 1.3 are in danger of getting totally lost after steam...
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    wel what happens if steam shuts down its connection to other players ? then ESF wouldent be any longer playable cause of u have to connect to the steam server before u can play online or offline. ??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_o
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    Well yeah heres another idea. 1) You can set the dust on or off 2) when u trans there has to be dust but more visible and concentrated 3) when u go turbo there has to be dust to arround u hole the time that gives more a dbz effect 4) DONT TELL THAT THEY ARE LAGGY 5) When u do a...
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    I know trunks is weak atm . almost evryone can beat a trunks . so i suggest to give em a 3th trans the half ssj ... i saw him go in that stage at the frieza earth saga were he goes ssj for first time on earth then hes hair just came like ssj but stil bleu (srry im a bit colorblind) but its is...
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    adv melee

    i was thinkiung of a super combo the old ones are still in just as normal combo's but there must be like 5 combo's in the game and 1 or 2 'super combo's: with suypercombo's i mean when u perferm a supercombo with the arrows he would do like trunks uses his sword in budokai and slashes the...
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    ms3d or other

    Cazn someone pls give me a ms3d with the serial that works ?? i wana animate the models
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    wel only when u transform there is dust. so i suggest when u go in turbo aura only that would give around u dust like in the transforms taht would be better like in dbz episodes gohan had al dust flying away from him when he was in turbo aura form that would be cool when u summon ure aura there...