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    ah oke well thats great to hear:) thx for the fast answer! Good luck to you guys I keep cheering for you! oh and merry christmas;)
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    I read it at some posts that people couldnt wait for it :) so thats why I assumed it would come, but so it wont come??
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    Heey guys:) I am kind of new here so I dont really know how it works with all the christmas teaser stuff, but is it still coming? is it always coming after christmas? Cause I am scared it wont come anymore:P cheers:D
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    Better visual difference between levels

    yeh I agree totally.. would be a great idea. but it shouldnt happen only with ss3 it should happen with everyone that transforms and gets a way higher powerlevel then other players! and it sux that PL has so less power in the game :( a normal form frieza can defeat a super saiyan 3 goku:( it...
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    PotW: Test Run

    yes its obviously a progress thing:) and the looks of it makes me happy since they were all succesful!
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    yeh but it would be cool actually and the higher your powerlevel the faster you can fly :) that would make it cool :D a high powerlevel dude will fly very fast!
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    Yet another transformation suggestion

    No I meant 500 million... cause it was just a metaphore.. its not really 500 million powerlevel just wanted to show the difference and stuff.. but nobody answers on my suggestion:(
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    NASA has confirmed 2012 disaster

    read my post and believe :O
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    NASA has confirmed 2012 disaster

    this is no joke.. the next solar maximum is in 2012 at the end of 2012 a huge magnetic storm will come here on earth and will destroy all machines and electronics. we will see the polar light everywhere it will be very beautiful but no more machines and computers :( so I hope they fix this ****...
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    Question about video music!

    Heey there!, I love the way you guys put streets of rage music in your videos! streets of rage has absolutely the greatest composer ever for such an old game ! But I was wondering something. in this christmas FX video...
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    Yet another transformation suggestion

    yeh great point! so what if knockback only work when the player that is transforming is way stronger than the enemy standing next to it? and if the enemy is the same level he wont be knocked back at all? that would make PL actually make a lot more change to things, since in esf a character with...
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    Its over 9000!

    so kaoiken was only in ecx?.. is it coming in 1.3? cause kaiken is an awesome power!
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    Yet another transformation suggestion

    ah well its just a suggestion that will add some cool factor in it:) you know people can power up right now and make the same kind of explosion in there body that will let other players get pushed back aswell, why not just implent that in transformations aswell:S?? if they can do it now the...
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    Yet another transformation suggestion

    yeh thats true:) good point, But what I meant is that only people close to it will feel the effects so not the whole map off course:)
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    Yet another transformation suggestion

    Heey again! I read some suggestions in this forum and there were alot of suggestions about 3D effect while transforming and a lot of eye candy, and I got the impression that we will see that in 1.3. I was wondering while there be any knockback effects when transforming?? like goku becomes SS3...
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    Speed suggestion

    Heey everyone, First of all I want to congratulate the creators of this mod, I play alot of mods and this one ( of all games ) sure is the most improving and fabulous mod I have ever seen with on the second spot Pirates vikings and knights 2 for half life 2;) I have a question and a...