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    NEW ESFSTuff layout

    When you joined the community, you posted a topic to make a ESF resource site, you have no idea what you were doing and you wanted to rip files from my site. Unless you want to rename your site redsaiyan, i won't waste my time on a layout for you.
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    NEW ESFSTuff layout

    I checked out your forum and found a topic about your new layout and i turned out, it was ripped, so you made this? It's orange, kinda blinds the hell out of me, the text is huge and you overused the gradiant tool.. nothing really new, the navigation is the same, the banner, the content...
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    can't be contained..

    The picture is nice.. One thing, do you always have to pick those title and type a little poem just for the heck of it?
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    It's empty, Easy and not really attractive for my little picky eyes. [edit] The font is bad, The gradient is ugly, easy.. did i mention ugly? that faded text with the 2D art, is .. bad, really out of place? That ball, what is it? Some ugly lines with more ugly thing inside it? haha Don't...
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    O Hell Ya!

    I found out about this game 2 weeks ago and the only part i liked was the flying part haha, I keep flying around, everywhere i see vilains! **** that, flying is more important, weee.... -_- Good game but i hate the close combats
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    Whats your favorite Sport?

    Masturbation. Sorry but golf isn't mental, your brain does work a bit when you try to evaluate the field, wind and how hard you have to hit that damn ball, but... no, it's about the body more than the mind, give a 60 year old a golf club with a 204 IQ and he will kill his 2 legs :P
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    Mouse sensitivity?

    Those people who play with high sensivity are annoying flying bees lol, id like to see them try to aim with a beam attack, i use 6.4 in-game and max on windows settings, i dont need more.. It's also the sensivity i use in CS for aiming, i don't need to be able to make 180 degree turn just by...
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    Picollo finished 100%

    It's always nice on the render but is it in-game? Somehow it always get screwed with the animated and some other stuff.. But bah, nice job ;)
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    You can find a top 100 list on ModDB, That link is on the left side of the main ESF page.
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    half life

    He always has a evil grin in his face and this little sound he makes, some sort of evil laugh! You know why? He's looking at your sexy butt in that orange suit and he imagines what he will do with you, with all the sex toys you can find in his Breifcase. THERE! I didn't finish the game...
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    Dragonmodz is a half ass lazy developer job lol, It was built by noobs and fans, they recruited modelers in their community just to make peices and peices of a game that will never be bug free, released and fun! Just kidding, try it and uninstall it quick! rofl..
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    BattleZone any body??

    I remember that game, it's not that great, bunch of spaceships on erm, when i played it.. it looked like.. i was on the moon.. I had some crappy looking spaceships, one looked like a eagle head.. I havn't tried the second game, battlezone 2... It looked.. decent.
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    ESF isn't noob friendly.

    The game is not hard, the point is, people don't mix melee and beams enough, i hope it will be improved in the upcoming version. Sure dbz is about melee.. close combat action and alot of craps like that, but joining a server and seeing a bunch of ssj 8 million whores flying around like bees.. is...
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    A good way to pass time for ESF1.2!

    Soldat is old news... omg... what a stupid site lol.. [edit] your time: 0 days 0 hours 46 minutes 44 seconds you held the button longer than 50.3% of users! i put one elastic around my mouse haha, went down in my living room and watched tv.. >_>
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    Show off your cars

    Pathetic lol, Even in hard mode, the concept is, you finish the race and you get a choice of 3 parts from TJ, You can only choose one. at race# 7 TJ Engine, drivetrain or tires (oh?) at race# 26 TJ ECU,Turbo or brakes (some more?) at race# 97 TJ Nitrous,reduction kit or suspension (hmm ok?)...
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    Show off your cars

    And i won't play with you online because there is no way to get the 3 unique part of TJ without cheating, so shove your challenge up your cheating a s s lol.
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    Show off your cars

    Thanks, For the post permission info and for the welcome back hehe, I'm just passing by.. checking on stuff you know..
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    Show off your cars

    Don't get me wrong with this thread, It's not about your real car. I recently got addicted to Need for speed underground, Yes.. It's not THAT new, but still, i couldn't find any topic on offtopic concerning the game, it's great.. I also don't know if im allowed to post about another game but...
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    What foreign languages do you know?

    Like optimus prime, I use the some kind of alien language in my sleep. I speak French and english.. A dirty french version X_x
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    Guess Who?

    Lol, Optimus Prime =) ND, Thanks hehe j00 da man, Keep trying to visit it, you might be surprised! (error page duh) I missed you too Majin_you /me runs at majin_you for a hug and falls asleep half way there =) Oh thanks Pickle :P I'll flame by way out once again :S Mehh, So.. I'll be the...