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  1. Vashusa

    The 1.2.1 Patch Installs into non-existing folder

    I need help with the installation of the patch. It installs it into the steam even though i told 1.2 to install to WON. The wierdest thing is that i Dont have a Steam Folder. After it gets installed i go into ESF and i want to play offline. In the map selection window it give the maps for 1.2...
  2. Vashusa


    Does Anybody know how to convert old auras into 1.2 compatibal auras. not to mention the difference in the scales, when i tried to convert an aura in normal mode it had the same color for everybody instead of pink for frieza, green for cell etc. and in ssj mode it didnt have the yellow color it...
  3. Vashusa

    Where have all the Goku's gone?

    i know tht this shouldnt be here so i'll edit this out as soon as i get an answer other than "request thread" but does anyone know what ever happened to that amazing goku model that Darksun (i think) was making? he made it for SOS but said that he was gonna release it for esf after 1.2 came out.
  4. Vashusa


    does any1 know where i can get the namek.wad file. i need it in order to run "TM Mountain". i think its by Optional
  5. Vashusa

    Shijing's weapon sprites

    Does any1 know where i can find shijing's weapon sprites other than esf-world or esf-stuff
  6. Vashusa


    this probably shouldnt be here but, does anybody know of a place to get esf files other than esf-world and esf-stuff? thanx
  7. Vashusa


    Does any1 know where i can get the sephiroth that was released a couple of weeks ago. i found the thread that it was posted on but i couldnt downloaded it from there. I NEED HELP. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated
  8. Vashusa

    if any1 can tell me

    does anybody know if pro squad habve a website. and if u do can u tell me what it is
  9. Vashusa

    Help with animation

    I have been trying to make a model edit from useless resposes trunks with the katana. i took the katana and moved to the sidef trunks belt/body. then i made the animation for him to draw it fom the scabard at the side and from overhead but when i put it in game it cuts off the first 6 or 7...
  10. Vashusa

    Mods plz move this to the right part of the forums

    Does anybody know what happened to red sayain? whenever i try to get in it shows me a page from oktagone that says that the account has been suspended.
  11. Vashusa

    Link model what happened

    about a month or two ago there was a thread about a link model by solidu and i think gogetenks but it hasnt been updated or posted in for a very liong time. does anyone know what happened to the model team or if they are going to release or is it now for their private use only because of a flame...
  12. Vashusa

    .MD3 to .SMD

    i need help with my milkshape. i'm trying to turn a md3 file to an smd file with no success. if someone knows how can u plz tell me.
  13. Vashusa

    Help with sprite edit

    I hope thios is the right place to post this. i was trying to edit some sprites. i have the sprite view and wizard programs. so i saved a sprite as a sequence. it turned it into .bmp's. i opened photoshop and did the exact same thing to all of the bmp's. i saved them and trying to use the...
  14. Vashusa

    Does any1 know...

    does any1 know where i can get sexyasian's bojack trunks i saw the thread got closed so i want to know where\if i get the model.
  15. Vashusa

    cant beam jump

    i just downloaded 1.1 and am playing on the lan games and i cant beam jump even thought i know that this version allows that whenever i shoot a beam into the floor it just blows up in my face just like the old version whats going on?
  16. Vashusa

    can anyone help me in mapping

    can anyone tell me a way to see a alredy finished map in Valve Hmmer Editor. I need a;ll the help i can get( nooby mapper). i dont reall have the hang of mapping yet