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    The second choice

    Before i start off, this is all esf related so don't go locking this up. Just popping out the news.
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    Killzone 2 PS3

    This is true proof of the power that this monster machine can handle. Watch this trailer(Ingame footage): You'll be seriously amazed, it's like.. what to say - beeing in a real life movie.
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    I could use some advice (info)

    Right before we start i'd like to say that i'm no "pc upgrade geek who knows it all" just incase. Anyway, my old radeon 9000 64mb literally sucked so i thought yay me go buys a new card, i heard alot about this sertain fx5200 geforce card and iv'e read some about it comments etc, alot of people...
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    2 versions?

    I know i know, this wont happen but i thought i'd be best to suggest it. i'm a 1.1 fan always been as many others out there, and i came up with an idea a while ago it goes like this: Right instead of having the 1.2 version only you could (Not demanding or whatever i'm just here to suggest...
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    Steam account problem

    Erm, k well i bought myself a new hl cd key to register on steam, and i made a new Steam account name as "Styxy" and now the steam dir is c/program/steam/steamapps/styxy and whenever i try to add 1.1 there it just wont show up.. in third party games. so it seems it may only show up under a...
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    Something i made

    Yeh well a super buu i started on, about.. 2 hours of work or something. 751 polies, Sorry for the quality on the pics, but i thought it'd be best to make it jpg's. Would apreciate sum critisism.
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    Gohan-Goku something.

    Ok to start of with i was bored as usual so i thought why not give it a shot at milkshape 3d and by my suprise i came up with this Its still a major WIP but i just wanted to know what u all think of it since its my ummmm 1st 'real' good model all crits welcome. oh and dont worry about the...
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    Seeking Clan match,

    Hello all, Me and my clan is just bored since no one challange us :/ and we can't just pick some clan to face since we are from EU and we got our 24/7 server up and it's from germany so all we need now is a good challange and a EU clan so feel free to any of those who got a well a skilled clan...
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    Gotenks W.I.P

    Yo folks just wanted to tell ya all that ive been working on this gotenks model and i really need help on the hair and other stuff so if someone wanna gimme a hand just msn me or aim or anything here's a pic btw Aside, Peace out,
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    Dedicated Server Hoster Needed,

    Hi. Our clan is looking for a 24/7 hour dedicated server, and have no possible way of paying for one. Just out of curiousity, i wondered if there is anyone from Europe (or more specifically from Netherlands) that could possibly host one? - Thanks for any help given Xiphos,
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    Gohan head

    Hey everyone as u might now i was working on this sertain ssj2 gohan and well it showed out pretty good but it died i had some probs with it ect. so iam givving out this gohan head for others to complete IF they want that is hehe theres some errors in it but iam too lazy too make it 100% so if u...
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    Our clan's new site

    Hi again folks i know i posten a thread about this before but now weve made a new site so i just wonder if u wanna take a look at it and crits us for it :> thx here's the link
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    ssj4 vegeta compiling

    hi there i need some help i want that ssj4 vegeta and gt vegeta for 1.1 (u can find it on redsaiyan) but i dont know how to compile it for 1.1 so i wonder if someone of u modelers or someone can compile it for me? seeya.
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    New clan

    Hi there me and my pals have just started a clan thats called True super saiyan 4 power (-=Tssj4P=-) and iam writing in here cuz iam wondering if someone wanna join us visit the site in and write there if u want to thats all bye!
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    skinning tutorial

    hey m8's i just wondering after a esf skinning tutorial i did have one a while go but i lost the site so i wonder if u have another or the same site seeya. P.s i allready tryed check the stickies
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    New edited gogeta

    Hey guys ive edited that ssj gogeta that u can find on redsaiyan i dont know hwo did the pack but i have a pic of it but i dont know how to post it sry but i hope that u guys could help me with that And one more thing i wont release it until i know hwo is the right creator of it bye the way...
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    Probs again in milkshape

    Ok sry guys for posting again but i really need help i have a vegetto model i wanna skin alittle but the prob is that when i go into ms3d and tools and halflife and compile normal hl mdl on that vegetto model a ssjvegeta.smd doesn shows up only the other smd,s please help me please!:confused...
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    Milkshape probs

    hey there i just dled milkshape and ive got a few models i wanna change but how? like if i wanna make some model have green hair hehe not green but only as example what do i need or what do i do plz help me sry for posting here guys but i cant find it in the tutorials seeya
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    Japanese vegetto sounds

    hey all i just wonder if there is any japanese vegetto sounds out for dl cuz the english ones isnt vegetto like hehe...
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    Hey there how do i get my sig to work?