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    Goku Frieza Saga BD

    i like it !!!!!!! please release it!!
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    about the gotenks pack

    al little while ago someone made a gotenks pack! There was a ssj and ssj3 form in it. it should replace Krillin. But when i put the gotenks one in to the krillin folder(yes i did change the name into krillen.mdl and krillen2.mdl!)It didn;t work!i was playing and i choosed(it;s wrong speld ;D )...
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    BD Majin Vegeta

    mayb beacause i;m a little bit colorblind but shouldn't his eyes be blue/green
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    Young Goku

    what''s his ssj form like?
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    owke does thuis help?
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    damn you really think so?!?!but i just can put my sig under my sigs it still just shows the url :( I must be doing something wrong but what?
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    Dragonball GT

    i hate dgbt
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    now i only need a sig:D
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    can someone tell me or make me a sig?and how do you put ur sig under your post because when i whant to place a sig i only get the url under my post and i hate it thanks
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    HELPPPP!! I already played esf on this computer for many times...but last weekend i needed to rebot the computer and today I while i was installing esf this came.Can someone help me?
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    goku soundpack?!?!

    well this is not really ontopic but vegetto91 could you make me a nice sig and tell me how you can put it under your post because if you want to see mine you must press a link and i don;t like it:S (not really got english but i try my best ;D
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    3 trasformations?!?!isn't that unfair??

    well I was thinking....if goku can transform(in beta 2 i hope)3 times would that not be unfair?!?!I mean he would be the strongest by far vegeta is nothing than comparing to goku!Cause vegeta only get 2 ssj2 then;D
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    goku soundpack?!?!

    well there's nothing wrong with it but i put some vegetto sounds in goku;s map and i forgot to make a back-up of the files:devil:
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    goku soundpack?!?!

    i already tried the search button but i can't find a good goku sounpack can someone help me?
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    esf vegetto

    well i d/l it but it is just one file not a ssj one
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    esf vegetto

    i have d/l esf vegetto from redsayain for 1.1 beta but i don't know to make it work!!:\
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    i need the 1.1 vegeta

    i can't d/l the 1.1 beta:cry:
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    i need the 1.1 vegeta

    i can't d/l the 1.1 beta:cry:
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    fusion fans get happy.

    that would be nice..but if u fusion who will control the character?
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    could someone make a sig 4 me