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  1. troutjerky101

    EverQuest Next - NextGen MMO Awesomeness

    Oh yea, it's very alpha-ish. They are trying to let the community help build it up, which is crazy. You can apply to the beta on their web site already.
  2. troutjerky101

    EverQuest Next - NextGen MMO Awesomeness

    More than two characters. The class system ATM is 8 classes, with apparently 20+ more you can find in the game. Eq1 classes are war/wizard, monk, magician, necromancer, shaman, berserker, paladin, shadow Knight, cleric, bard, enchanter, beastlord, Druid, ranger,rogue. Eq2 breaks those down even...
  3. troutjerky101

    EverQuest Next - NextGen MMO Awesomeness

    I know too much about Everquest 1 and 2, so if ya'll have any questions by all means let me know.
  4. troutjerky101

    EverQuest Next - NextGen MMO Awesomeness

    No those videos are from the EQ Next unveiling today, there is a lot to look forward too with this game. Also they are releasing something called EQ Next Landmark later this year, it's basically minecraft on planetside 2 engine, and sony may call upon players creations and use them for the real...
  5. troutjerky101

    Destruction Answers

    My dragon ball wish option was a cool suggestion!!! *Blushes*
  6. troutjerky101

    Awesome new ESF site look!

    Either way, tip of the hat to you two
  7. troutjerky101

    Just some quick questions! (ALOT)

    Holy questions batman. Found a reply from Deverz on a seperate post (also where you can maybe find some answers with a little digging), but he said "There is no "we won't make that" on levels Characters and attacks have the no movie/filler/gt etc rule " Maybe that helps a little...
  8. troutjerky101

    Real beauty is skin deep... OMG TEH PIX THREAD!

    Yeah, nice to meet you all.
  9. troutjerky101

    Awesome new ESF site look!

    Or does it mean perhaps one and done? =P Not sure though.
  10. troutjerky101

    Awesome new ESF site look!

    I have been glued to this site for past couple of weeks, rich characters within... and a sense of nerdness
  11. troutjerky101

    Awesome new ESF site look!

    I am not sure who is all behind it (although im sure it's in the team section), but mighty fine job you guys did on it. Just giving a kudos!!!! Making me more excited for it every day.
  12. troutjerky101

    [Old PotW] POTW June 23rd 2013

    Curious to see what kinda damage you need to do for that, if i recall correctly Goku powering up in there nearly took it down. Could be off on that though
  13. troutjerky101

    MSPaint Competition

    His senzu bean is a mustache cream.
  14. troutjerky101

    Dragon Ball Z Movie 2013

    Here you go, more information!
  15. troutjerky101

    Seeking Feedback on Video

    Yea, I just listened to it on my headphones to. I think the volume may be a little loud, even for my taste. By the offset's do you mean viewing to the sides?
  16. troutjerky101

    Seeking Feedback on Video

    Hey all, Just uploaded my first video to youtube featuring Vegeta transformations from ESF and ECX/RC2. The video may be a bore, but it is just a video i'm going to use for feedback at this point. Sound quality, picture quality, ideas.... etc.... Im open to constructive criticism...
  17. troutjerky101

    RIP Deman

    I'm not sure how well you knew him horatio, or what type of skills you have on the computer. But perhaps if you had some pictures of him or moments involving him you could make a memorial video about him/for his family. That's the only thing i could think of.
  18. troutjerky101

    MSPaint Competition

    Ok second attempt at uploading picture, did this out of pure fun and boredom Finisher move: Imagine his handle bars as vegeta's arms during final flash.
  19. troutjerky101

    Question time!

    1.) Will the destructible objects be able to impale players? 2.) Will you be considering an option on the dragon ball wish list to restore the land/objects (kind of like in DBZ when they want to repair what they have broke) 3.) If number 2 becomes an option can it give any benefits to wish it...
  20. troutjerky101

    Battle of the Gods content?

    great now i need to watch original dragon ball...... sigh (lol j/k can't wait)