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  1. Sonlex

    [Request] I iz can has Zignature plx?

    Eh, long story short, my current sig is one made for JKG, not for ESF =P and i'd really love someone for making me a more .. anime styled sig! <3 (This sig should have "Lex" on it, since that is what people usually call me) It only has to be awesome, wacky, fun, incredible, mindblowing...
  2. Sonlex


    Ok, i was just testing a new addition we made to our mod, when i came to think about how well it would fit ESF! - So after a bit of discussing it in the Chatbox, I'm posting it here! Dismemberment! - For those that don't know what it is .. It's losing a limb, getting it cut off, shot off...
  3. Sonlex

    [Manga/Anime] Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Now! I am a huge fan of this Anime, it is the only american anime, that i have ever ever considered watching .. and boy is it good! - Everything from the artstyle, to the choreography is amazingly well made, and has a flow unlike any anime's i have ever seen before! The story is a chapter of...
  4. Sonlex

    Movie Battles ESF.

    Yeah, i thought it deserved a thread of its own :idea: A Custom-made mappack, that includes maps already created and with pre-set bots with pre-set PL's attacks, attack-patterns, and so on. Basically it would be "Movie Battles" for ESF, A pack made for the people that wants to fight "Movie...