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    How to add...

    A small problem here about water in Hammer Editor. I create a WAD file with my own textures.My problem is water texture, i want to make transparent.I have try from Wally Editor with Symbol ''{'' for transparent. But i don`t see any effect in game.What i miss?There is a setting or something?
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    Batch Compiler problem

    Hey guys. I start to use Hammer Editor again for making maps but the problem is, i forgot the settings from batch compiler. Can anyone help me with those settings?
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    SV Gohan model request

    I need gohan model made by Super Vegetto but i want the good one...i found the model but the face vertex is not so good.
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    Animation problem

    I made ref_powerup_charge for 1.3 goku and when i compile get this on massage window: illegal parent bone replacement in sequence "ref_powerup_charge" "Bip01 L Hand" has "Bip01 L Arm2", reference has "Bip01 L Forearm" illegal parent bone replacement in sequence "ref_powerup_charge" "Bip01 R...
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    Error from final beta

    I get this error on final beta...i have played 5 min and i get this MESSAGE_END called, but message buffer from .dll had overflowed
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    Texture problem

    How can i make a background transparent for a texture plant?for HL1 model I make the texture in photoshop...i save in GIF format then i tranform the pic in BMP format.But i don`t know whi the background is not transparent when i select from hl model wiewer ''Transparent''.
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    Is a movie?

    When I entered the world-ESF site I saw this video... Is a movie? I think the admins I know better...
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    My photoshop stuff

    This is my first image made in Photoshop :D
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    Hammer problems

    I have right configs...but when i create a box , i can`t see the texture. I import esf.wad and some cs wads...some help plz? :\
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    Qwestion for hl2 models

    What prog I must use to open, create hl2 models?:]
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    Need some help

    How can I add that 5 skins in aura model?
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    What is wrl file for? I found in models this files powerupaura.wrl rock.wrl and more...and wat program is create this file?
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    I wanna make skeleton for models

    Hi to all.Can anyone give me a tutorial for make a skeleton, and to asing the vertex for Milkshape 3d? plz Thx