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  1. Big Finish

    Assassin's Creed Tribute...!! Please comment and rate those who have youtube accounts...and..tell me how it was..
  2. Big Finish

    ZEQ 2

    Hey guys...I downloaded the ZEQ2 public beta 1 and extracted the files. The instructions said that I'd only have to start the game by running the executable file there.. But when I run the executable, it says "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is...
  3. Big Finish

    Kid Buu attack...

    Well guys, majin Vegeta has that renzoku and all in ECX...and there are many controllable attacks i guess which I don't know about...but have u guys thought of the Kid Buu's arm attack??? :p He takes his arm off, makes a ball of it and controls it to hit the fat buu....that was coooooool....can...
  4. Big Finish

    Big Pack Sounds

    Okay guys, we get the cool sounds for ECX the finalshine and stuff..but after installing Big Pack 8.4...some sounds literally disappear.. mostly the SSJ4 sounds, they are all sooooo silent..though I've found some files which correspond to the attacks and other elements in the Big...
  5. Big Finish

    Mystic Gohan = Majin Vegeta ??

    Uhh..guys..I just noticed Piccollo saying a thing like.. "Vegeta is unnaturally strong, even as a super saiyan" "His energy is enormous, I haven't seen anything like it before, since Gohan fought Cell"... Well does that mean Gohan's form whilst battling cell was something other than...
  6. Big Finish

    WTF is RAID??

    Guys, I hear abt this "RAID" thing a lot, and I even have a support for it on my XFX mobo with nVidia chipset....but I dunno what exactly it does or is..anybody care to enlighten me on this???:-/
  7. Big Finish

    Rajosik's Vegeta AMV

    Uhh..guys, I made this thing, practically within a day...:] So lemme know how y'all liked it, and if you have a youtube a/c then rate and comment, (P.S. : ratings below 5 stars are not accepted..:devsmile: lol) Hope y'all like it...
  8. Big Finish

    A FEW IDEAS..anyone can post their own..

    Well guys, I just came across a few elements while re-watching dbz and dunno if they are to be included in i'd just name a few.. 1) What if y'all add the feature that while powering up a beam or any KI based attack, we can teleport?? Like the one Goku used while powering up his...
  9. Big Finish

    ESF TOOL friend told me we could play over something called ESF tool... Well when I create a server thru that thing and go to FPS drops too much, the game kinda freezes always...and it's a first person view always... While my friend tried to start the game, it says a file named...
  10. Big Finish

    Sprite Creation...

    Guys...can anybody tell me how to make sprites?? You know like which program required, a little bit of tutorial and stuff like that???