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    I think I miss something ...

    I have not been on the forum for like 3 month, so, can someone tell me why everyone is using steam instead of WONid ? I saw some problem thats only happen with steam and i want to know more about it.
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    Is it me or ...

    ... or the forum's don't work sometime. I'm trying to connect, but it's don't load. When i try 20 minute later, everything is o.k. Am i the only one with this problem ?
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    resizing pic problem.

    However with which program i do this (paint or photoshop), when i reduce the pic, the quality is always bad. There is a way to reduce it without losing too much quality ?
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    2 avatar !

    i have seen some people with 2 avatar (in their profile) ... well, i juste want to know how they are doing that an also, is this showing a custom avatar between the 2 you put ?
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    hlds problem

    well, i dont know if this is better to post this in the server forum or here ... anyway, i have just updated my windows server to the v. ... i dunno why, but no one can join my server ... so, i just want to know if there is a link left to download the HLDS v., or you can help me...
  6. Z !?

    when i go to, i get a french message about Apache Software Foundation ... well, i just want to know what is that, and if you got the same message that i get ...
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    50 post for an avatar ?

    I have just seen some people with custom avatar with less than 50 post ... we dont need those post anymore ?
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    CS or HL ?

    well, as the thread title say, i want to know which game is the more compatible for ESF : CS or HL ?
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    i got a question ...

    I know, this is a stupid question ;D , but i want to know what is the diference between <b>KI BOT</b> and <b>ESF BOT</b> (i have just seen a lot of people talkin about it and even a poll ...) ps : i know whats is the esf bot, but i just want to know whats is the KI one b4 loadin it ...
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    a Good sig make program

    I just want to know if there is a good free sig maker program (easy to use if possible cuz im not very experienced) ?
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    My avatar doesn't upload ...

    When im trying to put my own avatar, i got this message : ''There has been an error in the upload. Please ensure that the file has been correctly selected and that the upload has taken place successfully.'' no1 can help me ?:cry:
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    disc bug

    In the version 1.0, i used to launch a lot of disc.They disapeared after 10 sec (or less). In 1.1, when i launch disc, they stay at the wall and don't disapear. There is a way to fix that ?
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    avatar size ?

    some1 can tell me what is the maximum size for an avatar ? edit : some1 have answered my question.
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    I have a question ...

    I dont know if this is the best place to ask this but, what is the maximum size for an avatar. (in pixel):confused:
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    question for signature

    I see a lot of people with an image as signature.Could someone tell me what is the command line to inser one ?
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    there is a fix for this bug

    when i die with trunk holding the sword, he stand up , placing his sword in his back O_o . there is a way to fix this ? :confused: ?
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    pop-up problem

    when i'm playing and pop-up appear, i lose my sound.There is a way to hear my sound again without exiting the game ? :confused:
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    there is a linux link ?

    there is a working link for esf 1.1 LINUX cuz the link in the news don't work anymore.
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    esf 1.1 linux problem

    I have put all the file in my hl derictory, and when i try to join a game, there is an error like : could not load library C:\SIERRA\Counter-Strike\esf\cl_dlls\client.dll