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    Model Request: Pan

    you could shrink the hips a little she looks like she has a wide load lol but not bad dude
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    whoh talk about revivng a thread from 09-25-2004
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    OMG i love barack obama i may live in the uk i even have an barack obama for president poster but i never turned in to a zombie because he is now sworn in as the president lol
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    lol the lord aka jesus has spoken
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    you mean the war loving bush huh grega xD
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    The "Name That Game" Game - v3.0!

    that game looks close to finalfatasy 6
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    What are you listening to now?

    i am listning to the king of rock elvis presley hound dog
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    krillin partner

    Ok so most of the characters have buddys i was thinking y not give krillin a buddy like kid gohan from the namek saga or vegeta when he unlocks potencal that way i think krillin would be more balcend out with the rest of the characters.
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    an idea for ctdb mode

    could an admin plz merge this to my last post my firfox crashed and i thaught i had to repost
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    an idea for ctdb mode

    ye but there podium looks like a small cell arena i mean like what pilaf got the black star balls from in the lookout chamber
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    final flash sprite

    ye the vid does lag a little but that tends to happen when your converter is so crap lol
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    an idea for ctdb mode

    Instead of having just the green ring to put them in to what about including a small podium there where there are slots for dragon balls to fit in to.
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    final flash sprite

    a final flash charge sprite i have been working on for 1.3 comments plz its only my first sireus charge sprite i have made
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    melle combo Suggestion

    not sounds simmler but i am talking about something i saw in dbz bt3 where in a cut sceane the characters are mocking eachover then they go in to a swoop and do the disseper combo where you have to press circle triangle triangle square square X X they always appere diffrent but its just an idea
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    melle combo Suggestion

    OK this is my first ever major Suggestion If 2 players hit each other with basic melle 5 times in a row it should go in to a random arrow attack pattern. Lets say if one player gets 4 out of 5 right he causes lets say 20 hp damage if the other player hits 3 out of 5 random arrows. But if a...
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    your daydreaming
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    One more Q

    Exelent tip ready :devil::devil::devil:
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    timechamber map problem

    i have noticed that in the time chamber map you carnt go to where the shower or friges are i have a pic from in game it seems the models are bigger than the door ways
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    What are you listening to now?

    run dmc and aerosmith in walk this way
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    bigpack 8.4 read me

    I bumped it to stop it from getting lost lol BUMP