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    Favorite threads!

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    gifs search for gif maker..
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    Breathing + Flowers.. leades to Androids + Humans.. = WTF?
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    The BEst Sig on the Universe!

    What a loser n00b..
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    New ESF 1.2 Sig

    Still pretty funny..
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    What does your title mean?

    Tom DeLonge owns j00 all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday DT!

    omg happy b-day \o/
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    OWA :o Happy Bday bud!

    Birthday.. birthady.. BIRTHDAYY!!!!11 OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he reads it.. BTW: Long time no see Nafz..
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    Uber Game o/

    Whew.. 408.5 Crazy ass game.
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    Need help ESF plz

    Check the Version Torlon.. He just has the wrong version of ESF.
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    1: Vegeta never had a sound while charging.. 2: Like you said suggested.. 3: Not a big problem.. might get added in sometime.. 4: Not all characters need to be the same, just gives the game more variation between each character.. 5: Beams moved in DBZ.. 6: What..? 7: Buu has enough attacks..
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    Using ESF In Half-Life

    You could play as any ESF character through HL, but you would have to edit the joints and movements so that the models dont mess up while playing it. Not to mention the size ratio to everything else.
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    The, dont act like a mod, remark

    But the real problem isn't the author modding his own thread. It's other trying to mod others threads. It's pretty much ok to tell people to stop flamming or to close your own thread.
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    Oh my god please get rid of......

    There are other cvars you can load onto ESF, if you don't like the current one. Other than that, their not going to take it out of ESF completly just because YOU don't like it.
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    Energy Aura

    With all that animation there would be massive lag. Think about a 25 person server, with shaking screens and aura's the size of Mt. Everest.
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    senzu power up

    Not just the sayins used them. Krillin took a few.. does that mean he's a sayin? No!
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    Made a sig for Vegetto

    Sexy as ever! Pink isn't only for girls =P
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    i need help

    Select the "Use Custom Avatar" option. Select "Browse" and then click the top "Submit Modifications" button. And follow limits that Nretep posted.
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    Favorite RPG Series

    FF series is the best, then Chrono, then Zelda. Screwz0rz all the rest =]
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    Team Double M vs Double G

    We will pwn j00's 455!! DG CANT BE BEATEN!!!! We accept!!