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  1. FalconFury

    Mighty no.9 vs megaman

    It's BEEN YEARS since Crapcom has not came up with the Megaman update. Megaman has been known for years before Mighty no.9. WHO WILL WIN THE DEATH BATTLE! And honestly... I don't know much about Mighty. But I do know the most about Megaman when he transforms into some type like fire...
  2. FalconFury

    Why is DC comcis being digusting?

    Honestly? what the **** DC is thinking? Turning female characters into... actually you know what i mean so i shouldn't disgust any sexualities on here. BUT WHY! First it's Selena (AKA Catwoman) and Harley Quinn. If marvel does the same then i'll stop watching their videos, and reading their...
  3. FalconFury

    Can you download copy from a disc that belongs to the console?

    Can you download the copy of the disc that belongs to the console? I have asked my friend about a PS4 that can download the copy of from the disc to your PS4 without putting the same disc and when it gets ruined, you'll still play the game without it once it is installed to your PS4 profile...
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  5. FalconFury

    How many modellers do you guys want to complete your final game?

    I am concerned of how many years ESF has been under construction for the past 8 and a half years of their unfinished final game that needs a lot of characters, a good environment, and what ever you guys have put to make such a interesting game for all of us to play and have fun with. What I see...
  6. FalconFury

    Is playing against hackers too risky?

    Last night i was playing with 2 hackers on CS: GO for 2 hours at night and went to bed at 12. And when i wake up Today at 9 am and came back on the computer AND signed in. I open Google chrome, then typed "Jesus" then hit enter. Suddenly, the page sent me to Yahoo Web Search. I didn't ask for...
  7. FalconFury

    PUNCH MY FACE! the video game

    Do you always feel like punching somebody else in the face? I do. well here's a game. You can punch anybody in the face by using their photos. XD like I did to grega. hahahahahha XD I'm joking. You can either punch your own, or someone, anyone and it doesn't matter who you punch. I find...
  8. FalconFury

    About the beams

    Hi, I want to ask you guys about the ultimate beams before you make the second release which is 1.5 or 2.0 after 1.0. Are you guys going to fix the ultimate beams? Because, from what I see from the console gaming (DB: RB2-Tenkaichi, Burst limit) and the PC gaming (Earth's special forces, ZEQ2...
  9. FalconFury

    Why is DC comics is getting worst for our childhood?

  10. FalconFury

    [Old PotW] Gohan vs Frieza on the City map

    I have nothing to say about this. My English is horrible. All i got to say, this is an awesome POTW!
  11. FalconFury

    Do you think Grega should be Whis?

    He just looks like him. :D so calmed and nice. Do you think so?
  12. FalconFury

    I think you guys should release esf final instead of the full release

    People are continuoesly getting ticked off about waiting 6 years for the game to be release. Shouldn't you guys just release the game now? Like, take a look at nnk. They have fast developments but you guys have slow developements and that made us want to leave you guys. Nnk doesn't play around...
  13. FalconFury

    why do you like dragobaball z?

    Why do you like Dragon ball z? why is it your favorite anime? If not. Can you explain why?
  14. FalconFury

    POTW - 10/22/14

    The next picture of the week "ice cold blizzard" relates to this topic.
  15. FalconFury

    The AWE me thread! Just these awesome dudes knows how to make weapons except the ones that don't exist in real life.
  16. FalconFury

    Best of Nathan Lane in Jimmy Fallon show! HAHAHAHAHAAA! this is the best jimmy fallon i have ever seen.
  17. FalconFury

    I am going to help ESForces

    It has been years since ESF has been working on the new ESF mod and I will like to help if my computer can take it. My computer can run: CS: Source CS: Go Team Fortress 2 Hl2 But could not go any further to the games that are on consoles that are made with a lot of graphics...
  18. FalconFury

    Will there be any powerlevel lowering?

    Will there be any powerlevel lowering? I think I have asked you guys that question before about lowering powerlevel and I am not even trolling. This is a serious question and I don't tolerate nonsense discussions nor tolerate childish behavior. I am concerned about it, and I really need to know...
  19. FalconFury

    I need help to make a video ESF: ECX: Goku vs Frieza

    ESF 1.2.3: Goku VS Frieza Map: ESF: Namek_endtest Or ESF_namek_isles I'll like to say thanks to the players that help me make the video. Skittles Salamander Null Scout AF Gohan and Goku Thank you guys for the help. I...
  20. FalconFury

    Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice for 2016

    OMG!!! 2 years for that movie? dude... you gotta check this out. Like, I don't know why they have to make that movie. Superman does not want to choose a fight against Batman or Batman does not choose a fight against Superman (well yeah only if they're...