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  1. Demize

    Ancient Aliens on the History Channel

    I've been watching this series on Netflix and I find it very interesting. Here's a FB page with some info about it.
  2. Demize

    Dragon Ball Z Abridged

    Just wondering if anyone has watched all the episodes on I finished them all recently and couldn't stop laughing all day. Pretty great job on the re-dubs imo. If you havent watched them you should check them out. My new in game alias now is "Super Kami Guru" cuz of it.. lol! :laff:
  3. Demize

    Paranormal Activity 2

    So... I was gonna go see the movie but is it worth it? Anyone seen it that can give a fair honest review? Or comments. :yes:
  4. Demize

    New USWest Server Up

    Hey guys thanks to help from TREX we put up a new server in Arizona only 20 min. from California. It is a dedicated server and has all the features of any of TREX's other servers. Hope any who play on the West Coast enjoy it.
  5. Demize

    Ki-Blob Glitch

    Ever since 1.2 has come out there has been a glitch with the Ki-blobs. I'm sure you guys are aware of it but if not I'll explain it. Sometimes when a person shoots 2 ki-blasts at something the ki-blob appears and doesnt grow past the first size. Instead of it going away it stays and...