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  1. Viki@killer

    HL2, DOOM3, THIEF3, WTF?????????

    Erm, u guys- watch this: 1. Doom 3 alpha stoled 2. HL2 code stoled 3. Now 97 percentage of Thief 3 code stoled! My god, where this world is going- just stealing codes and games, and buying pirate games! THAT? We must wait more 1000000000000000000000000000000 months to buy those great...
  2. Viki@killer

    The AMX-mod plugins thread

    Hi,just wondering,post here if u are using adminmod or metamod or amx,and if u are using some plugins-this is off-topic-right? I'm using AMX,I'm using amx_force plugin,jedi_force_grip plugin,enemy detector plugin,diving kit plugin,sunglasses plugin,nukem plugin,laser_cannon plugin,flamethrower...
  3. Viki@killer


    Mystic saiyan-accept my challenge,and let the greatest fight begins,between admins of Transpack forums! My mind is too powerfull for u! Maybe the force is on urs side,but I'll win!!! My saber-staff waits!Answer greatly!!!! P.S.Is anything granted in battles?Like lightsabers and force???If...
  4. Viki@killer

    the post problem thread...

    OK,guys,I've seen this a lot of times,its unfair,but,when u are posting,some posts are not going in post count beneath urs place.I've calculated,and he didn't registered my 23 posts,he didn't counted!!!!So,please fix this problem,coz,I would have now 221 posts except 198!!!
  5. Viki@killer

    Melee suggestion,please,don't make me harm!!!

    OK,my suggestion is this:when u make some1 after spining and stuff(advanced mele 1.2 beta ESF),if his KI is under half,it should stand in the wall some seconds(mean,crash damages,and some time recovering in wall),and if he wants immeteadly got of the wall,he makes turbo mode,or waits some...
  6. Viki@killer

    Goten siggy

    Ok,guys,my new Goten siggy: Rate it please.
  7. Viki@killer


    Hey,I need help about Invision free forums.I created board.Make boards,and forums.but it doesn't appears when u go visit him.Only 1 forum appears-Artwork...Some1 help me,and then after somebody helps me-moderator can freely close this.Web page:Click me
  8. Viki@killer

    Umm-WonID problem

    OK,I registered TO EL,HAved few challenges(not in name Viki@killer,some other name),and then,I can't even play on ESF servers...HL says that he is needing a CD Key,and that this CD Key is Invalid???I have original HL ;/ Help please! Edit: UPPS,wrong forum...jesus...some1 remove this to help...
  9. Viki@killer

    People who want a sig,read!!!!!

    OK heres are two new sig,doed them for fun.Vegetto sig:I can resize it for ya,and add text u want in any font,but,not in "Another" font,that's my copyright symbol :laff: . Goku SSJ4 sig:I will remove my name,and put urs,also in any font u want. So first two people who sign in,sigs are...
  10. Viki@killer

    Viki made a new sig...Not again????

    Here its my new sig,I was bored so maked him,rate it,please: Think I missed somethin,but,u will tell me that.
  11. Viki@killer

    New transfusion pack thread(official!!!)

    Here is my newww ssj 4 Goku: I've been workin dayx and nught since first transpack thread closed ;D ... Majin You,u saiod that I can open new thread when I have stuff and pics.Here I am. :smile: Many of (new)pics soon ;) :) . ***edit*** Hey,btw,I did ASSJ Trunks and Gogeta models,and...
  12. Viki@killer

    My new siggy(s)

    Ok,here are my new two sigs.I maked textures,all of them.I will use them.Crits:
  13. Viki@killer

    Shi* subscription

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!DOES ANY1 knows how to make that u don't subscribe to threads that u look.First,that's shi*.Second.I have a biiiiiiiiiiig list of subscribed threads,and that's screwe*.Third.Today,I come to look at some...
  14. Viki@killer

    Request model,release model.

    1.I know the rules of this forum,but,I made a little outstand...I only need USSJ Trunks model to finish my transpack gfx part.So,please,don't close this,I'm a n00b modeler,so,I need it(in betas of my pack I used SSJ Trunks model.So,please,give me response.Or,close this thread,and pm about...
  15. Viki@killer

    Transformatiion,fusion pack

    Ok,I am sick of waiting for fusion or transformations.So I am making more transformations for each charachter: Buu,Evil Buu,Kid Buu,Super Buu OR Uub(pm me for desition) Goku,SSJ Goku,SSJ2 Goku,SSJ3 Goku,SSJ4 Goku Gohan,SSJ Gohan,SSJ2 Gohan,???? Krilin,Mystic Krilin,Power up Mystic...
  16. Viki@killer

    Time to show lastest sig!!!

    What do u think???This sig I maked in my PaintShopPro!Sorry for those who wanted to make me a sig,but i maked mine.But,anyway,thank you.(what do u think for texture,is it good or bad,you must consider,that texture is my number 2 maded texture).Avatar,also what do u think???
  17. Viki@killer

    Umm,evm and solution Z???

    WHAT IS EVM?WHAT HE WILL HAVE?When you install it you can update your esf(I mean ESF beta 1.3,1.4...)?I have tons of questions.God damn,why my animated sig doesn't wants to show??? New sig coming soon...I guess...
  18. Viki@killer

    Can I use your texture Vegetto911?

    Can I use your texture from your sig for my sig?I will change it if I get your word.
  19. Viki@killer

    Conversion Gohan to Sonic

    I am making total conversion of Gohan to Sonic,with all animations,sounds and sprites...And with his speedy aura(blue orb).This is only for those who downloaded Sonic from RedSaiyan.Who wants it,GRAB IT!!!
  20. Viki@killer

    Please,without PainShopPro...losted...

    Hey guys,can some1 make me a sig that has grey-blue background,SSJ Goku and SSJ Majin Vegeta looking at thereself,and my name(Viki@killer in another font)???Please,without PaintShopPro I'm losted.