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    Simple Render Thread.

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    Jinx's Modeling Thread.

    I don't see a ****, could be me though =p editing your post huh, cheater!..nah just messing. Must be big images though.
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    Simple Render Thread.

    Low poly Allen Walker model from D.Gray-Man, if anyone watches. Gonna make his metal arm next.
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    Simple Render Thread.

    I know it's old but I was just raging through the thread and saw that render. That's just awesome.
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    Simple Render Thread.

    image kill. We all <3 Mr.Scofield
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    Simple Render Thread.

    My first post in over a year. I'm using it for a school project, hence the /care on the polycount. edit: noticed I accidently moved a vertex deep in his face near the ear area, its fixed, too lazy to post new pics however =P ~ for the nitpickers
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    car model

    If that's a model, then im god
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    Naruto model ( pre 3 yr gap)

    Oh wait, you should make the pupils bigger so he doesn't look as shocked. That will probably do the trick.
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    Naruto model ( pre 3 yr gap)

    Thicken the blacklines around the eyes to get rid of the heroine look.
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    Another Tenza zangetsu! "no wasted polies?"

    It's mid-poly!
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    Another Tenza zangetsu! "no wasted polies?"

    It's mid-poly!
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    Naruto model ( pre 3 yr gap)

    Naruto got his nose broken quite a couple times. It's too flat ;)
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    champloo this time fuu

    Ah, now I gotta change bg's again =/ gj =P
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    Samurai champloo wall

    hmmm that's pwn. Like David said make one with Mugen, orange-reddish colorscheme =D
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    Competition #8 - Vote Thread

    Sa gohan simply for having the most innovative design. He wins.
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    CLASS OF 2006!!!!! =D

    YES! I GRADUATED =D!!!! Just got the call, anyone else =D???
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    Itachi (Comeback) :)

    Ah, don't use smoothinggroups to define the neckmuscles. Not sure how to call it but you shouldn't model the "lines" under Itachi's eyes, they kinda mess up the polyflow in the face. The Nose somewhat kid like too, should be blockier and a bit bigger.
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    Lightwave Movie *Overdrive*

    Hey man don't post my work here >=O just messing, that was pretty awesome allthough i'm also not really diggin the lights that much D=
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    My first ever attempt at modeling a face

    Looks like you grasped it completely. It looks great man, definitely potential there. No on to the rest of the head.
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    Whoa whoa whoa, where's the World Cup thread?

    No, the Dutch-->All Germany is going to be slapped like a b*tch like in 1945 keke Hail the dutch!