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    the downloadl ink to the steampack doesnt work. ne links to steam esf cache ?
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    please help

    I use the some of the keys on the num section. in game they dont work. can ne one tell me why ?
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    Can Any One Tell me.......

    Were To get a 1.1 compatible mystic gohan pack?because the old mystic gohan oack doesnt support 1.1
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    Can Any One Send Me???

    dman_snakeway ?????? e-mail - AOL INSTANT MESSENGER IS LIVINGDEAD1986
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    what up with.....

    the GSF Clan website.........i want sum 1.1 models .also thanx a bunch GSF for making them 1.1 compatible ;) [EDIT]:can sum one please tell me what this means "Wegen Technischer Schwierigkeiten ist die Seite Vorübergeht Geschlossen. Wir Kommen aber Baald Wider."thats what it says in the gsf...
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    1.1 models

    any one have links to 1.1 models besides the ones on red saiyan? links plz
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    when i host a server ...

    trunks has no melee......goku has no kame[EDIT] mod plz close this i found the solution already ,thanx
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    i dunno were else to put this can sum 1 plz make me a super sonic sig..plz........
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    pikkon pack

    were do i install it ?ive tried extracting it every where but no pikkon.......plz help i appreciate it. oh also the readme file doesnt help all ti says is extrac to proper folder/s
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    maybe some one can make a sonic pack sonic = gohan liek it already is tails = piccolo knuckles = vegeta robotnic = fat buu "dont know what his trans would be but meh" shadow = cell =transformation maybe super shadow?? the alien guy that was made out of liquid from SA1 = frieza amy =...
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    any one?

    have a link to an adult gohan in the purple suit?
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    a GT goku and SSJ because every one makes it ssj4 and i cant stand ssj4
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    does any one know....

    where to get a chibi goku sound pack????
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    model help

    i dl a chibi goku pack that has orange clothes..what program do i need to change the clothes colorS?
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    Uub model

    do u guys have a uub model??? ive searched the forums and no matches....
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    raditz model

    theres a raditz model at red saiyan .net,and im the ultimate raditz fan !well i installed it to models/player/vegeta (like it says in the readme text)but the model pack doesnt work !help plz!!!does this happen to you?
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    sig. help

    as u can see,ive tried to add a sig,its at the bottom of my post,go there to see it,well how do i make it show
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    goku new attack

    in the dbz episode when goku tells gohan to put the fusion earring on,he does a burst fire of sum wierd ki things,maybe u cana dd that attack
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    im thinking of starting to make models !need sum suggestions, i ppreciate it
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    ne 1

    have a perfect cell and namek saga krillin model?