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    CLASS OF 2006!!!!! =D

    YES! I GRADUATED =D!!!! Just got the call, anyone else =D???
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    Happy birthday dj^Swift

    Happy 96th (16th) birthday Jack!:)
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    Irony is your friend =O!

    And just when you think it couldn't get any worse... Can you say..rofl?
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    Modeling Competition 6 - You?

    DESCRIPTION: This months ESF Competition's subject will be "Model yourself". The idea is to model yourself as a warrior living in the 1st to 19th century (0 - 1800). This can be as a knight, a samurai, pirate etc etc. "However" you have to pick a side meaning your char is either fighting for...
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    Bleach 54 SPOILER

    It was subbed within 5 hours by [Please don't mention subbing groups by name] Ok, i'll tell you this much. I got a stroke after seeing this. The way ichigo stopped the Soukyoku and all, His mantle made him look like Cloud Strife from the KH game. Here's a shot with the mantle. Makes...
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    Return of Jezus? What will he look like =p Well, it seems like the bible ain't that original afterall xD
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    Made this today for practise. used brush and smudge tool only.
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    Quake III Source Released!

    It's finally here, i know many have been waiting for this. this is where the fun starts =) "SOURCE RELEASE! As promised at QuakeCon 2005, the Quake 3 Arena engine source code has been released under the General Public License. Also included under the GPL are the q3map tools, which is...
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    The Full Metal Alchemist

    These last 3 days i've been working on Edward Elric. I made it for a friend of mine, so i wont release it for esf, unless he doesn't mind me doing so. credits to eclipse for lending me his Alphonse model and for sharing his edward refs with me, thnx man. 1642 polies for the...
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    Scariest moment ever..mmkay

    Ok, so last night i decided enough was enough for today with the computer, it was like 2 am or so. So i thought before i go watch tv till 3 am i should get a big glass of coke. so i went down got the coke and went back up to my room mmkay. i closed the door. then suddenly i heard something o.o...
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    Spacechick work in progress

    I dloaded this model off the polycount forums. i have no idea who made it. It was for some skinning contest or sumthin xD Well, I decided to give it a shot, the thing is i've never skinned a woman before. so i need some good crits to make her look more femanen. atm i think it/he/she...
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    Photoshop Cookie Contest!

    Edit it, add pics, remove stuff. Just make it look good or funny =p The winner get's a cookie =p (No *** **** like pasting a goku picture on there with horrible cutting >_<)
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    Bleach Quiz! Who are you?

    Check out Bleachportal's new Bleach Quiz. I turned out to be Ishida. and dont choose the answers that Ichigo would pick just so you can show off that you're like Ichigo... be honest >_> o> Ishida o>
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    Bleach OST o>

    One of the best OST's i've ever heard =o Since warez is forbidden here , PM me about the dload link =o List: Track: 01 - On The Precipice Of Defeat.mp3 Track: 02 - *~Asterisk [ OST Version ].mp3 Track: 03 - Comical World.mp3 Track: 04 - Oh So Tired.mp3 Track: 05 - Head In The...
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    Sharingan Avatar

    Made this avatar for a friend of mine =P All made in PS
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    Kurosaki Ichigo o>

    I tweak this model like once or twice a week. And i didn't feel like reviving the old Ichigo thread i had made before (too lazy to search for it, and i remember people flaming in it lol) anyways, here's the latest =o C&C?
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    5 kinds of people you hate the most >.<

    Post the 5 kinds of people you hate the most, starting with the one you hate the least. 5. I hate people who talk behind my back, and when they're talking to me they act like they're my friend, those people can drop dead -_- 4. People who dont listen and act childish when im trying to...
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    Naruto OST3

    So whatcha ya'll think of the new Naruto Soundtrack. I seriously love it, i love every song. my favourites are Grief & Sadness, Hero, Sarutobi, Hokage, and the 2 Lee themes >=o! If you dont have it yet you can download it here: Link removed. This is considered illegal and has been removed.
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    Shutting down of NNC

    Some of you may have been following the Naruto Ninja Chronicles mod. We've been hacked by Kurt too many times, and we are not able to keep our website secure. Most of our community has given up on us. I have decided to release what we had done. Here is the info if you wish to see it...
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    Got bored and started drawing: