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  1. SpriGGan

    Dragonball Yu

    ive found a dragonball z cummunity where they battle through posts and level up and get stronger you can even buy things :shocked: lol they havent finnished some canculations and things yet but from wht ive been told and wht ive seen it looks very promising with and ever-growing number of items...
  2. SpriGGan


    it says 43 posts 4 me but ive posted atleast another 3 since then :S what gives? edit: bah as i post to help it moves:\
  3. SpriGGan

    Dragon Raja That is a mmorpg called dragon raja i do not know if it is anygood but a mate of mine is downloading it for me (im on 56k :p )and we shall be trying it out soon if anyone has palyed this game before could you tell me what you think? i also...
  4. SpriGGan

    Weapon of choice

    right post here what your weapon of choice would be *realisticly* *can be carried* so weapons from the stone age to modern day. HK G3A3 here 7.62 -20 round mag
  5. SpriGGan


    if you like drangon ball z or any thing manga i suggest you watch spriggan :p tiz awsome :yes: :devgrin:
  6. SpriGGan

    my sig

    my sig how do i get the picture from that link to show up as my sig?
  7. SpriGGan

    Dbz Rpg

    Does anyone know of any good DBZ RPG online games ?
  8. SpriGGan

    buus regen

    i think buus regeneration should be faster this might make him supa solid and unbalanced but lets face it he woz supa and unbalaced well for a while maybe then ssj levels could go higher to kill him as a suggestion?
  9. SpriGGan

    SSJ4 GOku

    hey anyone know for a website with a ssj4 goku or n e noe kind enough to donate me there ssj4 goku i dont mean to bug n e of you if you dont want to help its ok but any help would be greately aprciated thanks in advance guys
  10. SpriGGan

    Esf Modelers

    i have only recently signed up on this forum as you can tell by the psot count lol but i have been reading and following certain threads for a lnog time now but never botherd posting. Mostly i have been interested in downloading models for esf and the one thing that i realy annoys me is when...
  11. SpriGGan

    The Rabbit Hole

    hey guys anyone who palys enter the matrix for pc can you tell me what to do after you have hacked ito the logos drive and ran the emp.exe on the hacking game option thanks
  12. SpriGGan

    sensu beans

    somthing that hasent botherd me realy but i would like to know why the sensu beans dont do anything or is it jsut me? thanks for any help cheers
  13. SpriGGan

    1.1 Model downloads

    hey sup guys right dont mean to be a noob but are there any 1.1 models avaible for download yet? i checked red saiyen dont think there 1.1 compatable im more consernd on finding trunks ,vegeta ,goku and buu skins any help most welcome cheers guys