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  1. Neon


    Well I'm back again with my Janemba model. I felt like it was time I learned to properly texture, so here goes. My progress will be slow, as I've got other things to do. Hopefully I can finally finish this thing though.
  2. Neon

    Mouse acting up..

    Recently I've been getting a problem with my mouse. It would disconnect and play the USB unplug sound, then reconnect and play another sound. Occasionally it'd stay disconnecting for long periods, or never reconnect again unless I unplug it and reconnect it manually. At first I figured it...
  3. Neon

    Janemba!.. again =x

    Well I'm trying to get back into modeling, and figured I'll try and make another Janemba model. Hopefully this is the one model I actually finish and get into ESF... but I wouldn't get my hopes up. Anywho: Currently has 267 polies. C&C welcomed. I'll start working on the body soon.
  4. Neon

    Custom Aura!

    I figured since the custom model feature is working pretty well, there could be one for the auras too. See, some people likes blue aura for Vegeta, or wants a red one for Goku (Kaioken), and stuff but they don't want the other auras to be changed. I figured if you were able to make the custom...
  5. Neon

    Question =)

    I have a dual intel pentium 4 processor (2.8GHz). I want to overclock it, but I don't have any watercooling system, so I figured perhaps just a slight overclock wouldn't require one. However, if I did do that, would there really be much difference in the performance? Or should I just go ahead...
  6. Neon

    Hyuuga Neji

    I haven't modeled for awhile (well not THAT long) but I got bored and decided to make a model. So here it is.. o.O Credit to Davidskiwan for the ref he drew.. :D Crits and comments are welcome, so PLEASE give some. I'm hoping to actually get this model skinned (my other ones were never...
  7. Neon

    Pikkon! o.O

    Still working on the vest a bit.. though I wouldn't mind any crits for it. C&C please.
  8. Neon


    Well my Android 18 is, for the most part, finished (if anyone wishes to skinmap and skin it for me, just send me a PM). So I made a Janemba next. ^_^ Basic shape of the leg and crap.. >_< Gonna add the details later. Don't mind the side view too much, I didn't have a side ref at the time...
  9. Neon

    Android 18

    This is my first *good* model. I've attempted modeling in the past with many failed results.. I like this one though. Crits and comments please. By the way, I am fully aware that it is too high poly, which shall be fixed later on.. Thanks David for the refs ;)
  10. Neon

    Creating Servers

    I would like to know how to create a public server. I can create the server for my own personal use but not for others to join. I'm guessing it has something to do with openning the ports, however, I do not know how to do such a thing. If anyone can assist me I'd greatly appreciate it. (I tried...
  11. Neon

    Siggeh ^^

    haven't made sigs in a while... but i decided to do em again ^^. C&C
  12. Neon

    Gif Movie... er Movies

    Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 5: Episode 6: ill make other ones sometime later... maybe... Creds to for sprites (though it doesn't have it any longer) Nintendo, me for editing some... (metal koola) Yes i know...
  13. Neon

    I'm in need of assistance...

    I have not been able to install esf 1.2 onto my computer lately. I don't recall doing anything wrong, it asks for the half life folder and i changed to the cs folder instead, since I dont have half life. The installation manages to complete but as i open up steam, i don't see it installed. The...
  14. Neon

    Yay... episode 2 finally completed

    Finally completed episode 2 (got lazy and was doing like 1-5 frames per day :P). well here it is: and here's how the fusion will be in the next episode (if i decide to put it in) creds to nintendo, , me for some VERY minor edits (dont know if you can tell...
  15. Neon

    Got bored...

    I got bored and saw killu's thread about a gif he made, so i decided why not make one myself and so i did. Should i make the next episode or not? Oh and creds goes to which only has 3 DBZ:LSW sprites right now for some reason... oh well.
  16. Neon

    First 3dsm/player model =D

    still working on it atm, its not much i know =]
  17. Neon

    Buster Shield

  18. Neon

    Aile Rifle

    made this a while ago and it just got skinned by darkside ^^. its for mag
  19. Neon

    Trunks' Sword

    okay im releasing meh trunks' sword for modelers who r making a trunks model and would like to use my sword, or for ne1 who would just like to replace original trunks sword wit my sword ^_^. Not going to release the case though... i think it sux IMO. btw teh weapon pack kinda died cuz no1 was...
  20. Neon


    Erm new sig/ava again :] kinda different from the other sig yet kinda the same o_O critz?