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    Bamboo One Tablet

    i just got my new bamboo one tablet i know its not great but its so cool to draw with it :D
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    Model Request: Pan

    hmmm since ESF-World is down and i rly need the "Pan" model if someone has it i beg of you please give it to me!?!?!? ITS URGENT?!?!
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    Vote Me For President.... errmm or for my logo just vote ;)
  4. K refresh it many times ull see sooo many funny cli refresh it many times ull see sooo many funny clips :laff::laff::laff::laff::laff::laff::laff::laff::laff:
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    hello, i would like the EEA Setup if someone still has it aaand :P the snow swf thingy from this forum pls :D:devil:
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    Cell VS Santa ^^

    omgod cell beats up santa :laff::devsmile:
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    Bot Problem

    hey guys could u work or if u have done / fixed the bot problem that closes the game would you please release it to us... PLEASE I WANT TO PLAY AGAINST BOTS?!?!?
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    Dbz 2008 special!?!?!?

    some videos i found on youtube looks cool :love: ~Removed due to copyright reasons. + DBZ INFINTE WORLD :D
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    Sig & avatar request!!??!

    could some great photoshop user make me a great avatar and sig with this render :P?? if you could do 2 sigs and avs i would love you :P (not rly :devil:)
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    model change??!?!

    hi, first im no n00b... ok and now.... ive got 2 esf... one is ecx and one contains all um-wfs content... that was released :P and the um-wfs one... is like normal esf but with changed models and vguis.... is there any chance i can change / add custom models... from the console, something...
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    n00by Animating Tutorial

    n00by Animating Tutorial Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Step 7: Step 8: Step 9: Step 10: Enjoy Animating
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    powerup sprite

    please help me o_o thx :D
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    what forum generates a homepage or how can i make a homepage like and with a button that sends you to a forum... ??
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    xfire & steam

    hi all my steam & xfire id is kazumaer both on steam and xfire so pls add me :P
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    Adding Sounds to Sequences

    how can i add a sound in a model cuz in hlmv / jhlmv there is something i need to click in sequences tab on play sound i want to add sounds to animations how do i assign a sound to a sequence...?? what code do i need to write in the qc file at the end of a sequence...