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  1. Guru_San

    Storm Warnings...In Scotland?

    Right i was just talkin to me mate the other day about how the whole world is falling apart.. like the movie, day after tomoro. First majour majour Tsunami thing, then over here... bad flooding in places that are well far from shore, then up here we have just been annouced with some savier storm...
  2. Guru_San

    me Mech Mod sig..

    if yo a member there u prob seen it... quick work -SaN
  3. Guru_San

    more random stuff... o.O

    just some randoms i found floatin on me laptop.. blue variation -SaN
  4. Guru_San

    SnowMountain Sigs

    My new sig and a black variation.. -SaN
  5. Guru_San

    new ones by the san man

    heres we updatin my sig just now, but wont b any of these just showin my wacky randomness designs black o' white (Dont ask bout these lol ¬_¬) -SaN
  6. Guru_San

    The Name Thread

    Meh Totally Bored here and nothing interesting happenin in mIRC... Go post your old names etc.. Here goes.. Guru_Samma (Like 2 Days) SSJ_Niatu Guru_San -SaN
  7. Guru_San

    mental Animated GIF

    Dunno if uv seen it before but it rox o yo sox o off! ..OWNAGE... Post some of your mental gifs -SaN
  8. Guru_San

    Winta Sig0z!

    Just curious on what u guys think of these winter sigs.. got a flash one to upload but dunno where to upload the .swf file.. Cheers.. Ok i know what will come... "Meh Guru-Sanna they are all ze same! I hate them all try again!!".. But oh well need to get me Flash...
  9. Guru_San

    W.i.P - Face thing

    Ok bare in mind.. didnt take long, its not rendered and it has no mouth or hair but im using a brand new program and it seems to own! Its going to be a animated face sorta thing... ¬_¬ Damm bones bah.. But anywho.. Dont rate it.. id rather have crit's -SaN
  10. Guru_San

    Official Chimp Petition!

    Hello all lol.. this is my own petition thing to bring persuad chimp to return was speakin to him and hes no too keen but im totally borred and need something to do.... no ps on this comp.. bah! So just reply or sumit, he was cool here was some of his Art legend...
  11. Guru_San

    Red Saiyan Randoms!

    Found these randoms floating in webspace, uve either seen it or not.. -SaN
  12. Guru_San

    where's u at!?!

    Just a thread to see where u guys hang out on these boards.. me myself only stay in the Artworx, Art>siggy and here, Dare not to venture out of the other sections as there could be members never met before... scary ones.... lol Ocasinaly check the models section and misc for movies but only...
  13. Guru_San

    ¬_¬.. n00bish question..

    whats the code for center justifin the images? I was playing with it early but got bored so if youd be as kind to help then cool, never centered any of my sigs ever,... oO -SaN
  14. Guru_San

    HL2 Inspired Sigs..

    Just some screenies i ended up addin some brushes, i wouldnt use them just wanted to show yous.. There all pretty basic but last one is worse with the empty'ness.... !_! -SaN'Jess
  15. Guru_San

    Red'ish Thing W.I.P

    [Red.Thing] [Brush Test 01] - - C+C -SaN
  16. Guru_San

    sum SAN sigz

    Meh found some sigs i wouldnt mind of posting, critz etc are welcome, but as u guys prob know they aint perfect hence why i aint using them at the mo.. cheers guys (AHH HATE IT! BAH!) hmm last one wont work cause its jpg odd.. hosts are being random today -SaN'Jess
  17. Guru_San


    meh.. :S im bored i didnt want to make a thread botu this cause u all point out the bad bits then everytime i see the sig i notice only bad points and waste time making new ones lol. :D .. so um aye post if your bored to, not really any point to the sig, the image is bad i dont like my self...
  18. Guru_San

    this place dieing?

    just thinking about it, whats going on here? anyone looking forward to anything? any ESF updates people are ranting about?? i dunno any of this cause i rarly play ESF, but the way i see it these forums are slowly dieing, sure there are a heap of members and im prob going to get flamed to hell...
  19. Guru_San

    Gansta Song 18+

    Dunno if im aloud to post this but here goes... 18+ please Link removed Its a song so plug in yer speaks! -SaN
  20. Guru_San

    OMG 1337 HL PiC0rZ!

    the textures... THE TEXTURES!!!! ;) oh and... ph my gloiv! -SaN