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  1. Viki@killer

    CTDB mode in steam...

    No... Try re-installing.
  2. Viki@killer

    Aura colors for 1.2

    So change it yourself. But, then Piccolo and others who have white aura will look like *girls*.
  3. Viki@killer

    Aura colors for 1.2

    Bah, change skin in model viewer Mike88. Anyway, Goku's red aura when it is using kaioken, and also vegeta's aura blue is also when using sort of power-booster. Look the 5th episode of Namek saga. U'll see then!
  4. Viki@killer

    christmas present?

    ehm, I don't know what they did last year? New version came out, is it?
  5. Viki@killer

    EVM Server

    One question? Do u have whole EVM to start a server? Just wondering! If u do, then Orca is really nice person!
  6. Viki@killer

    EVM Server

    Realx Smo, I'm now modeler of EVM, and I will MAKE models of my own, not use urs models. So, sit back, and relax. Maistro- u are sound artist of EVM? Didn't knew...
  7. Viki@killer

    HL2, DOOM3, THIEF3, WTF?????????

    Carmack is a lyer, we agree with that. BUT VALVE... They mustn't delay shipping into stores. Half Life 2 is waited over 6 years(5, me bulling)! And, uhm, guys- why u don't Vote what to buy- I need that! Thief 3...Buaaaaaa.... Nah, we must wait, that is bad... :cry:
  8. Viki@killer

    HL2, DOOM3, THIEF3, WTF?????????

    Erm, u guys- watch this: 1. Doom 3 alpha stoled 2. HL2 code stoled 3. Now 97 percentage of Thief 3 code stoled! My god, where this world is going- just stealing codes and games, and buying pirate games! THAT? We must wait more 1000000000000000000000000000000 months to buy those great...
  9. Viki@killer

    Erm some EVM Pics

    Erm... what's new site adress????? Looks nice, anyway...
  10. Viki@killer

    jthm sigger

    Hmmmm....... Looks nice..... But there is always "but"! Hmmm,because of non-texturized background,and ugly face on it- I'd give it 6.5/10.... Not bad, too! P.S.-If i were on urs place- I would use Master Roshi sig until u try to make bg's with PhotoShop or PainShopPro... But,that's my opinion!
  11. Viki@killer

    could a sig maker PLEASE come here

    Nope,man! Only two charachters per one signature-or ONLY one if he's doing an attack! That's some sort of rule with sig makers- but- the world is full of exceptions!
  12. Viki@killer

    I need DBZ ESF

    Jesus,thread full of nOObs :notice: Ah,whatever,I regret this what I said now-I have to relax... Ah:coolduel:Just buy cs or hl,U can't play nothing from HL on CS,and from CS on HL-U need 2 buy both of them to play CS and HL-I would rather prefer to buy HL generatlon(yes,GENERATLON),lastest HL...
  13. Viki@killer

    I need DBZ ESF

    First.U need to buy game called/named Half Life. Then,u must download ESF.After that,u must install it to HL!Remember-look at urs console when in hl,upper and right corner-to see his version.if its hl can play it properly-if its not-game will crash when loading server.Download...
  14. Viki@killer

    Forum Suggestion (Avatars)

    UHm,my avatars are always smaller then 10 kb's...My high quality avatars are big around 8 kb!USE .jpg format people!!!!Yes that errors doubles when saving again,and again,and again,but,that's purpose of that!Anyway,10 kb max-fine to me-after all-avatars are useless,just make a bg around 4 kb,add...
  15. Viki@killer

    28 days later

    Movie is uber bad!!!U know why?Begins this like:3 human going to break into "mansion" of animals(monkeys).The girl is so stupid,and lets free 1 monkey!He infects her,and all humanity is infected by that girl-uber ****e*!Then main charachter wakes up in hospital,no1 out-oh man-I can became a...
  16. Viki@killer

    Admin Mod/AMX Problems

    These solutions are posible without problems:1.AdminMod+2.MetaMod or 1.AdminMod+2.AMX or 1.AMX Notice that adminmod isn't compatible yet with ESF beta 1.1 The way u installed is also posible,all solutions are posible-but,the best way is to have only 1 or 2 things! But,notice :notice: that...
  17. Viki@killer

    my new super awsome signatures

    Bah,don't like it,especially th1 at bottom,ugly charachter,me wants to smash it!
  18. Viki@killer

    The AMX-mod plugins thread

    Hi,just wondering,post here if u are using adminmod or metamod or amx,and if u are using some plugins-this is off-topic-right? I'm using AMX,I'm using amx_force plugin,jedi_force_grip plugin,enemy detector plugin,diving kit plugin,sunglasses plugin,nukem plugin,laser_cannon plugin,flamethrower...
  19. Viki@killer


    Uh,c'mon mystic-reply-I don't want to win without fighting-I love fair play...C'mon,c'mon,reply!!! O_O :scared:
  20. Viki@killer


    I think he didn't posted his story more then 16 hours!!! :\ :( Umm,?????