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    New Developers - Music Sample & New HUD

    Dragon Ball fan projects, all flash. Work on the gameplay. Enough said.
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    Piccolo fingers

    4, good. 5, bad. He's an alien. Deal with it.
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    Best upcoming mod.

    Don't let that get to your head, dev team. All you've been showing off is graphics and that's not enough to make the game any good. If you keep adding more and more stuff the engine's eventually going to start messing it up and you'll stop caring. Balanced, and fast-paced gameplay is what you...
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    [Old PotW] PoTW: Normal & Super Saiyan 2 Gohan Renders

    Hope we'll get to use all of these styles ingame.
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    hleV's ESF Comic

    Why am I sensing that this is a 60 minute project?
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    In this thread we actually draw stuff.

    Others try a bit too hard though. Clickity.
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    In this thread we actually draw stuff.

    I really have no idea.
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    In this thread we actually draw stuff.

    Tournament saga? Err...
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    In this thread we actually draw stuff.

    Some doodlin'.
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    In this thread we actually draw stuff.

    I will NOT allow it! NO! NEVER! Actually, make your own rules. ;)
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    In this thread we actually draw stuff.

    What's up, forumites? Don't know about you but I thoroughly enjoy drawing Dragon Ball characters. Or should I say, I hope you do to. Guess I'll start us off with a lil' Trunks thing I threw together with Shi-Painter. It's going to be part of a bigger picture in the future. That's...
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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    Akira statet (quite a long time ago) that female saiyans can't go SSJ no matter how hard they train. Also, we've still to see if even the males can do it in this game :)
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadow Of Chernobyl

    Overhyped game. Not worth even half of what it costs. Also, it STILL didn't seem finished.
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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    Dragonball was never meant for kiddies. If you've read the manga or seen the non-funimation (or should I say destroyed) version of the anime you'd know it was full of mature humor :)
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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    The problem with DBO is that it will probably be played by every 11-to-13-year old kid out there. That is, if they can pull themselves from WoW. "hao do i creaet sssj????????"
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    First model(non dbz)

    Needs better smoothing. The base of the glass looks weird.
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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    Toriyama only did a tiny bit of work when the show started. He only did the premise. A rough draft, if you will. He quit for a reason. It was crap :)
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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    GT never happened. Not canon.
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    Dragonball ONLINE!!!

    Just one thing though, what does marriage have to do with having kids? ZING! Hahaha. "You learned a new skill - Daterape"
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    Best story in a video game.

    Chrono Trigger