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  1. DannyLad

    Mirror map?

    Sorry to be a newb and make a help topic but im really stuck here. I model alot of weapons/vehicles etc and to save space when uv'ing I'd like to learn how I can mirror parts. Anyone know how? tbh i've really got no clue as im still new to skinning and anything that comes with it. Sorry...
  2. DannyLad

    Comp 6 Knight

    Heres my Knight for the contest, very early WIP but its coming along. Got a scan of some designs too. Render, although im not 100% if I like the idea of the hood type thing from the mail armor thingy. 1.6k tri at the min, I just messed with the hood trying to give it more shape.
  3. DannyLad

    1st Human Model

    Hello all, been a good while since I've made a topic about a model. Think the last one was about my M1A1 Thompson model :P Anyway, after doing weapons for a good while I wanted a break and thought i'd take my chance with characters. After speaking to Mad_AxMan on msn he helped me with a human...
  4. DannyLad

    M1A1 Thompson WIP

    Elo all, some might remember I posted a weapon model of a M1 Garand and well failed =/ But here I am again with this model, an M1A1 Thompson. Although its not done any feedback etc would be great. Oh and I blame Dave for this topic, told me to post here. This is my 1st ever full...
  5. DannyLad

    M1 Garand Rifle

    If I shouldn't post this weapon blame David..he told me to post it here :P This is my first real go at weapon modelling, if you don't know about the weapon just tips about how to weapon model would be alot of help. At the min its just for a college project and because I wanted to model it...
  6. DannyLad

    cant connect

    lo all i need help with my esf, i got dod retail and it say u can change to other mods so i d/l esf, now i got it to work, but i can connect to any severs? anyone know why? or anythin i gota change? thanks for ur time
  7. DannyLad

    Another Trunks problem?

    sorry if this has been brought up but when i go to melee with trunks the pics is of the big bang attack of vegetas? whats with this? i cant use his sword or anythin and its always out? anyone got any ideas? please help thanks
  8. DannyLad

    General help

    lo all i was wondering if anyone knows any good sites for help on how to boost performance of pcs well for win's 2k ones anyway ive got all latest drivers just seems all my bloody games all always jumping my specs 2k windows 1ghz athlon 640 ram 60gig HD Geforce 4 ti 4600 128mb...
  9. DannyLad

    Screen problems!

    lo all right ok, everytime i play a 3d game etc my screen goes to stand by mode and wont go normal for a least half an hour? is it over heatings or sumthin? its weird it only happens when i play games too? my specs if i t helps 1ghz atlhon Geforce 4 ti 4600 128mb 640 ram 60 gig...
  10. DannyLad

    So many lol

    right im new but i wanna start getin sum new models etc into my ESF can someone give me a run down on the best ones and where to d/l them please theres so many on here lol thanks everyone for time and help oh dbz or Gt ones please
  11. DannyLad

    kinda new :)

    im kinda new, i have posted like once then my pc died on me, so i thought i'd say HI again lol hmm im start a ESF clan soon, so if anyone wants to join or give me sum advise please help lol oh if u want a sig makin like mine or a dbz just ask, my works at my site
  12. DannyLad

    Good sites?

    hey all anyone know any good site for textures/backgrounds i can sue in my new sigs im makin? i cant find any good ones all help will be great thanks everyone
  13. DannyLad

    Just sayin Hello!

    Hey all, just thought i'd say hello lol and that im gonna be stickin round this forum just like my sig says if u want on makin email me well sort but sweet thanks :)