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    Censorship In Cartoons

    I Think that the people who are obsessed that violence comes from violent cartoons and games are looking at the wrong problem. Most young kids watch cartoons and lots of these cartoons are from other countries that dont have censored cartoons like America does. Lemme see If I can give you an...
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    Computer Suicide

    Ok this is pretty much a warning to anyone.....if you ever go to a website and you get a pop-up called....E_Ware Version 3.23 DONT DOWNLOAD IT! Your computer downloads this stuff all the time unless you have super high security levels. But I decided to put mine on Medium. Then this thing pops up...
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    Who would win?

    This is like a continuation of the Trunks and Sepiroth Thing but Ive always wondered what people thought. (Im Gonna Stick to the Final Fantasy Jist of things) Who Would Win?? Cloud Or Auron?
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    How do I make a server?

    I wanna create my own servers but everytime I do it doesnt work an nobody can get in...What do i need to start servers? What mods and such...
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    A vegeta request For the insane

    can anyone out there throw down their pride and make rediculous model? Can anyone make a vegeta model that has a sweatshirt on and baggy jeans and slippers...with a chain on the pants and a saggy belt. Maybe even silver hair. And last but not least a L on his forhead LOL
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    see for yourself im pissed. and its not april fools.
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    Another idea from the twisted mind of checkplease

    this is an idea for future installments. I just think this would be very cool. Lets say when you melee someone instead of punch and kick you can do a modified throw. instead of swinging them around you can do this...for goku vegeta gohan krillin and piccolo you swing behind the guy and choke...
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    Special attack auras/huge hp

    Im always full of suggestions..... :laff: We know that vegeta has the gallit gun aura (i think the original is the best). But cant we put in other auras for some attacks. Like for piccolo make an aura . like this (sorry for huge URL)...
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    Future installment ideas

    I just want to know a couple of things....will there ever be any type of ultimate attacks (i know this is a noob topic but). I mean I know im probobly talking way in the future on this but when will people get these really big attacks like vegetas suicide attack. I mean i have an idea about it...
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    1.2 option for melee

    in 1.2 will it be possible that when u attack somone from behind you can still send them flying instead of just having him turnaround and you start to melee. I mean if you get socked from behind your gonna go flying pretty much no matter what. Also will pl make a difference in the melee. Will...
  11. C's pic on front page

    maybe a dumb question but what is that pic of on the front page with the vegeta looking at the big blue explosion thingy??
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    Punk-O-Matic Song Vault

    If you havent played this game YOU NEED TOO!!! copy and paste this to play the game....then once you get it to work go to LOAD and on the bottom paste this (my song)...
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    you guys are gonna love this. You know how the people that walked out on WON left and WONS main money provider went with it. WELL (this is too funny to be serious about) They FREAKIN came back!!. The people that left WON left for good but a branch off of these people decided to pony up and...
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    Gamers Corner///Need for Speed Underground

    Need for speed underground is a great game. You can get the crappiest car and turn it into the "pimp mobile". Need for speed is a greatly customizable game. You can do anything from changing the paint job on your ride to getting a louder muffler. This game is all about how good your car looks...
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    OK im gonna remake this thread cense it when to crap from sombody claiming they came up with a game about dbz.. :\ Now youve heard the basic details, but for a certain guy....I had to dig real deep to get this info but, budokai 3 will have a revised blocking block high you have...
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    Budokai 3 in the works

    what would you guys want in budokai 3? I know its going to be GT and that its supposed to come out in Winter of 2004. I just know one thing...Keep everything the same but kick out DragonBall mode and put back in the Story mode. Well what do you think?
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    Bye guys....

    Well thats it Ive unistalled all Half-life related material on my comp. Im finished with it once and for all. I just cant stand all the problems with the games and the new server changes. Im stopping cold turkey, and im gonna move on. I have to focus more on school this semester cause it is my...
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    OMg i got a small update tonite for steam automaticly....after its done like freakin 20 or so files show up on my desktop that look pretty vital, AND the third party games are gone including ESF....WHAT THE HELL HAPPNENED!!!!
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    The dumbest thing that scared you the most??

    LOL mine would be a shadow that seemed to follow me inside my house.....I SWEAR IT looked at me and smiled....I ran outside in my pj's and picked p a rock waiting for this sonva ***** to come and get it. I then realized i was in my pj's and that scared me even more that people were gonna see...
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    EEA vs EVM?

    Ive noticed that lots of people are comparing EEA to EVM. Well the EVM looks very promising more of a transformation mod than a gameplay addon. EEA is changing some attacks and is also adding more transformations...BUT EVM has even more transformations!! I also noticed that EEA is...