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    I now want a Deus Ex movie.

    Live Action trailer for Human Revolution.
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    Project Zomboid demo is out. Pre-Alpha, but it's still fun.
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    Origin's random Video & Screenshots thread - V2.

    Because the original one is locked.. somehow. Been trying out the capture card in the new PC, still messing with settings. If anyone has any suggestions of what to make videos of, let me know. Test video of Alan Wake (best viewed in HD, obviously);
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    Why's the MMO-char-showboating thread closed since 2 days?

    Yeah. Wanted to post my characters. What gives?
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    Oh, Black Ops... This is all No Russian's fault! Blame videogames!
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    Giantbomb tests Kinect.

    I laughed so ******* hard. Ryan Davis walking offscreen is just hilarious. Davis; "This is the worst **** I've seen all day."
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    Origin's Gameplay Entertainment

    Let's see if I can keep this alive. Basically (as you probably know by now), I have my 360 hooked up to my PC and with my Intensity Pro, I have the opportunity to create my own gameplay videos in HD. I also have a lot of spare time so I figured I'd record some videos and hopefully entertain some...
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    Man goes to trial for stealing 40,000 coat hangars. Hilarity ensues. I lolled.
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    I can't stop laughing xD
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    Needs to be shared.

    Got this from Reddit. It's amazingly awesome. Click these two links and listen to both simultaneously. First this one. And then this one. Enjoy.
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    Bioshock Infinite.

    Not sure why the other thread is closed. But here's a very cool 44 minute interview with Ken Levine.
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    Quick question about video conversion etc etc.

    Right, remember I got that capture card a while back? Yeah, it broke down. But then I fixed it. And I'm looking for a program that can quickly convert a full HD 1920x1080 video into a Youtube HD (1280x720 if I'm not mistaken). I used to have a program where I could set it up like that but...
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    'coz I hate them anime pictures. Something about entries on saturday, votes on sunday, etc. ENTRIES; Elcor; Snowm@n; Demonoid; Lith; Painkiller;
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    This is awesome. I wish I could be there.

    So I was watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. And I laughed. Hard. Jon Stewart announces the Rally to Restore Sanity. And Stephen Colbert announces his Rally to Keep Fear Alive. This is awesome. Anyone near DC who's planning on going?
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    Halo: Reach

    Surprised there's no topic on it yet. So who has it? I'm not a huge Halo fan but I thought it was pretty epic (in the right sense of the word, not the internet-epic). It was huge in terms of scope and I thought having a group of Spartans along for the ride was a nice change of pace. And I...
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    Duke Nukem Forever.... is coming out. Brought to you by Gearbox.

    You know, the guys from Borderlands.
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    STEAM Help - Graphical glitches.

    So I haven't used Steam in like 2 years.. decided to try out Alien Swarm with my friends along with some Counter Strike Source. Everything's fine and dandy until I suddenly started getting graphical glitches in both games. In Alien Swarm, my floor disappears and the textures go nuts, in CSS it...
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    Signature of the Week: Round III

    Woot, I'm hosting! This week's rules... are the same as the last two. Here's the render I suggest we use for this week: Enjoy.
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    Need help finding a song.

    I've been told it's on iTunes... which I don't use. It was used in the end credits of True Blood S3 Episode 4, it's called 9 Crimes (Demo) by Damien Rice. I can't find it anywhere. I can only find the normal version.. which isn't nearly as good. Halp? :(
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    Latest wallpaper.

    Comments? EDIT: It resizes again. Link for full size;