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  1. Plakman

    ESF Music

    I'm still not sure if you guys have your own songs for the game yet. But theres this channel on youtube with orchestrated dbz themes... That's just the goku theme but he has more. Maybe this is the kind of music you could use in the game...
  2. Plakman

    Free Game
  3. Plakman

    New Dragonballz series: Dragon Ball Super thoughts.

    DBS Time to get your pants down.
  4. Plakman

    Evolve Big Alpha

    6ZQ8A-F85NJ-XMB47 just activate on steam and enjoy.
  5. Plakman

    GMC Get your Free games, And not sure if you can use this one but here's a code that gives 25% discount. SEPTEM-BEROFF-ER25XX Not sure if everyone can use the code but i'm not using so feel free to try it out. I'm not even sure if it's a unique code... Have you...
  6. Plakman

    TV hello, I was wondering if this TV is any good for it's price. As far i can see it's a really good tv for it's price but the only thing that holds me back is the static ratio of 1200:1. my current screen has a ratio of 1000:1 and the...
  7. Plakman

    1Gb enough for a tablet?

    Hi, I was wondering if 1 gb is anno 2013 enough for a tablet. Theres gonna be a pretty cheap 10 inch laptop in a store in the netherlands and i read good stuff about it. It's just that i see that the higher end has 2 gb of memory so i'm not sure about it. And if it isn't gonna last i...
  8. Plakman

    Steam faulty information

    Was just a bit intrested in the lego marvell game and there's a fault on the page... look at the hdd requirements :p I wonder when it's going to be spotted and fixed by valve ^^
  9. Plakman

    Avatar TLOK anyone seen this stuff? :)
  10. Plakman

    Something that made me laugh IT's funny, no matter what you guys say, it's funny! It's funny i say !
  11. Plakman

    Esf is famous!

    Was just playing some pokemon crystal (don't ask me why...) and i just noticed something funny. You guys really made a name out there didn't you :p
  12. Plakman

    Port Triggering

    Hello there, I was wondering how i correctly forward the ports on my current router. Port forwarding isn't an option, apperantly there is a tab called port triggering now. I know i have to forward 27015. I got a fast sagem that's about all i can say from the sticker on the bottem. I was able...
  13. Plakman

    Music genre

    Hi there, I was looking for the music genry of this song: it's free to download mentioned in the reactions (just a side note) But i'm kinda looking for more of that kind of music. I just don't know what to look for. It's the drums that...
  14. Plakman

    Source Spray generator

    Hello there, My question is not about esf but i have no idea where to put it. It's about making a picture working ingame in left 4 dead 2. I managed to get it working once but it's friggin killin me right now -.-" found a program to create tags but it's only for the regular half-life not...
  15. Plakman

    Game Request

    Hi there, I was wondering if that version of kanonball is still arround that we used to play in the steam chat? if so could you please put a link? trying to get a few games going in class :scared:
  16. Plakman

    New PC

    Hi there i'm planning on upgrading my pc for the upcomming battlefield 3 game and i was wondering if it's a good choice for what i have so far. And since i noticed there are some ppl here who know a lot from these things it's a good idea to have a second opinion ^^ i don't know that much...
  17. Plakman

    Port Forwarding SX762 Wlan dsl

    Hi, i wanted to ask if someone here knows how to forward more then 20 ports in this router? i can put in a max of 20 and that's far from enough what i need for half-life =/ i would post this in the support section but i get this when i try to validate: VHost Not Found The VHost you...
  18. Plakman


    The point is that you should be able to tranform almost anytime, anywhere when you have the required pl for a perfect trans. some examples: -Being able to tranform while in a beamstruggle or powerstruggle -Being able to tranform while swooping -Being able to tranform while turbo mode...
  19. Plakman


    I was wondering since the ecx team joined up on esf... can't take make an updated version of their ecx aura used in ecx rc2? donno why but i like that aura way much more than esfs one. not that it is bad but ecx aura looks better in my opinion and more visibility. i would like to see those...
  20. Plakman


    is it possible to make the blocking time faster? previouse time i saw someone comming and i blocked atleast i pressed the button imediatly but my character didn't block -_- same happend while trying to block a beam on the last second... could it be possible to block at the same moment the...