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    3d sculpture in museum, 3dsmax

    this was my latest project for my 3d class using 3dsmax8. i just started 3dsmax about a month ago. crits and comments are very welcome cuz i need em! :P
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    3ds max?

    Ya i know, thats why i said it didnt take too long. although i still do think it would make a pretty decent esf level. also, i just started my first 3ds class about 3 weeks ago, so i know practically nothing :P about the name. my real name is sako (sock-oh). ya i know, ive had millions of...
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    3ds max?

    damn, you cant. oh well i guess, not for esf. ill get started on learning the valve. i was working on a cool level in class with planets and stuff. i was hoping i could lower the poly count and throw it in esf with some modifications to it. although its not professional grade and didnt take...
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    3ds max?

    so im getting my bachelors in game art and design and am learning 3ds max at the moment. i was wondering if u had to use the valve hammer editor to create levels because i want to use 3ds max.
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    sig request

    well, ive been making sigs for a while but i just want one thats really good and not just whatever. im not sure if there is a place to ask for them since i havent been on the forums for awhile. I was too lazy to look to so u may yell and scream at me if u wish. there is this one pic of vegeta...
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    Art help.

    that would be cool.
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    Art help.

    actually, im going to westwood.
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    Art help.

    well, im currently acquiring my bachelors in game art and design and ive always wanted to learn but was never good at drawing. Just went into my first art class and were going to start with still life drawing. stuff like fruits and shapes. anyway, i was just hoping for some pointers. thanks.
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    buffer underrun?

    actually, it happens when im playing the game. sorry i didnt go into more detail but thats what it says with some text that i forgot. i was playing it today and it didnt happen. it only happens every once in a while. so until it happens again, im good. but any help to fix it for sure is appreciated.
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    buffer underrun?

    yep, thats pretty much what it says before freezing my screen and forcing me to close it through task manager.
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    steam esf

    is it possible to play esf with steam?
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    need a favor

    hey guys...was wondering if any of u can do a small favor for me, i need that one pic of super 17 and goku punching each other on the knuckles. its always there when i dont want it, and when i do i look for like an hour and cant seem to find it, if any 1 can find it for me, id appreciate it...
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    my new sig

    i put the bg as a fiery bg cuz it matches kenshin.
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    Sig competition *revised*

    lol heres mine altho i know i wont win, still a noob
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    my new sig

    well here it is crits are welcome and i need em, heh im still a noob :)
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    Worked out the font!!

    ya the second one does look better, good job man
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    wat happened?!?!

    im just curious to why i post my counts dont go up :S its not like im gonna spam or anythin, but it just hit me. i was answerin some questions on the other topics and my count is stuck at is something wrong with my browser or somethin else?! help plz
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    CrackerJacks Art Topic

    good ur a kenshin fan to eh?
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    my first sig

    sorry...i have some new ones that im working on, and i did get better...those are crap i know, ill try and not dissapoint u next time :)
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    my first sig

    thats the problem for me...i dunno how to cut them out so well like other ppl...i use the lasso tool but i still cant do it, is there another tool for these?