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    3D Design Gaming

    We are a few hand of people looking for more that can help us in designing a game. Here is our forum ~removed not yet finished but a proper site will be launched soon with the new forum as same link. Please post here ure specialization and if u wish to join . Remember : we are not using hl...
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    @Ideas (1) =>> Make a command when i press 2x times " Z " it will instant transform, but with less power then a full transformation. This is cool when using in combos like trow > transfor >> ki blast or kame... or something :D (2) =>> Make a target locator ( On \ OFF ) i can see you as...
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    Esf idea

    I know i think il get banned but i don`t want please ... you guys from esf staff making a very cool game but i sugest to make it on hl2 engine .. i know esf should die with hl1 but don`t waste your time on the hl1 engine.
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    New Sugestion for Melee

    can you put lock on >> like in Tenkaichi :D ( sorry xD ) but its cool you lock on char and you fast swoop and combo him
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    More ideas

    1) Regeneration : I would say it will be nice to put like 5 hp per 15 second regeneration ( so he wont spam with running :D ) 2)Turbo while power struggle 3)Do not loose KI PL when you die ... 4)More Hit points so we can combine fights with beams and melee more interesting tho to the new fast...
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    Hp fight long :D

    Why not raise the hp to like over 500> so we can fight long i mean not melee all day but we can swoop and hit ki ( if that will be on ) and charge kamehameha and then fast swoop stuff like this would be nice :D
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    Grafic Engine

    Does eny1 know how can i make and engine grafic .... some llink to a tutorial with what i need or something ??? ,,, does it have to do with modeling and 2d and 3d art ???? plz help if you know something
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    Power up

    I saw it will be a Power up you can raise your ki ...i have some suggestions : 1) Raise the Bar with The Charging on Galic gun ,,,, Final Flash and others and make the Beams Blast(on ground ) a little more small the efect . 2) make few maps but HUGE. 3)Make an option to raise your Ki while...
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    Idea good Comba very sexy

    1)hey guys can you make something like this ... i grab some1 trow him in air go after him with teleport .. then kick ... then teleport again kick then teleport again in a direction Up or down like in Budokai :) 2) is there a thing you can do when saiyans will increase there power ( Power up...