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  1. SpriGGan

    Dragonball Yu

    it needs members guys :rolleyes:
  2. SpriGGan

    Dragonball Yu

    ive found a dragonball z cummunity where they battle through posts and level up and get stronger you can even buy things :shocked: lol they havent finnished some canculations and things yet but from wht ive been told and wht ive seen it looks very promising with and ever-growing number of items...
  3. SpriGGan

    Movie quotes

    evil dead 3 where ash splits into 2 good ash and bad ash bad ash keeps on saying your a goodie little too shoes while hittin him then good ash puts shotgun to his face and says "...aint that good BOOM" :yes: :D
  4. SpriGGan

    Custom Model

    kewl yer likes it m8 nice work:yes:
  5. SpriGGan

    AzN Saiyaman COnversion

    kewlzor good conversion:yes:
  6. SpriGGan

    Nasty Dragon Release!!!

    well its different for sure :yes: :p :rolleyes:
  7. SpriGGan

    Giji Super Sayian-jin Reskin

    jesus :shocked: talk about a realistic arse kicking :yes: keep up the good work
  8. SpriGGan

    i got a question ...

    the new bots are a mixture off both aint they?
  9. SpriGGan

    There Is A Cheater Among Us

    there are probably meny cheaters among us
  10. SpriGGan


    it says 43 posts 4 me but ive posted atleast another 3 since then :S what gives? edit: bah as i post to help it moves:\
  11. SpriGGan

    Dragon Raja

    i dont know if this is true but ive heard a rumor that its gonna be p2p on june 15th..............:cry: figures :S
  12. SpriGGan

    Dragon Raja

    from what ive read it sounds pritty involving as you can have meny jobs, diablo 2 clone hummm i own diablo 2 and fromw ht ive read so far it doesent sonud anything like it i still do not have it yet my m8 is putting it on disc 4 me tomorrow anyone tried it yet? :confused:
  13. SpriGGan

    Dragon Raja That is a mmorpg called dragon raja i do not know if it is anygood but a mate of mine is downloading it for me (im on 56k :p )and we shall be trying it out soon if anyone has palyed this game before could you tell me what you think? i also...
  14. SpriGGan

    Weapon of choice

    painless? jesus your either one huge guy or extreamely strong heh :p
  15. SpriGGan

    Ragnarok going P2P

    how is it possible to play ro for free? my m8 has a laptop could he create his own RO server?
  16. SpriGGan

    Weapon of choice

    right post here what your weapon of choice would be *realisticly* *can be carried* so weapons from the stone age to modern day. HK G3A3 here 7.62 -20 round mag
  17. SpriGGan

    Movie quotes

    the shop smart shop s -mart quote beater The names Ash......housewares :devgrin: :yes: edit: or wait maybe..... Yo she B!tch.....lets go thats mine:] evil dead 3 :devsmile:
  18. SpriGGan

    Ragnarok going P2P

    that realy annoys me with mmorpg's i like rpgs and love mmorpg's ive never had the chance to play ragnarok i found out about it ages ago and it was down due to a new version i couldent wait for it to come back so i could download it even got a few m8s interested , it came back whoo hoo...
  19. SpriGGan

    Vegeta Super rezunoken

    i agree either cut down the charge time or increase the number of ki blasts or better yet both :rolleyes: :D because at the moment its not a vegeta style attack its not RAH!!!;( enough for vegeta:devgrin: ssj version should either be more attacks or less time then
  20. SpriGGan

    Sig Help

    i dont see his sig o_o O_o