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  1. Silver.Nikan.

    [Show-Off] External Vision!

    Made this one a while ago. =D And now its time to show off here. ;) C&C would be nice. , Silver.Nikan. ;)
  2. Silver.Nikan.

    [Question] ESF 1.3 Music.. made by me?? =D

    Hey ESF Crew & Players.. I'm Silver.Nikan. .. a true DBZ / ESF lover! :laff: 16 yrs old and i'm a starting producer. *Trance, House* I play ESF since 1.1, and i played it yesterday * the 1.2 version* .. and now i heard those awful music tracks; ESF 1 to 9. Now i wanna ask you guys...
  3. Silver.Nikan.

    Strange Thing

    Hi, I was playing ESf with my cousin.. and some 'FINAL' guy came in. He treathend with i'll kick ur server down if yuo don't change this map into cell_day. And than the server crashed. Who knows this guy, what can i do against it ? Gr33tZzZ! Silver Nikan.
  4. Silver.Nikan.


    I'd like to wish the ESF crew and all the members a happy newyear !! Best Wishes all ;) GreetZ, Silver.Nikan.
  5. Silver.Nikan.

    Dutch Melee

    Hi, I'm dutch and the text on the mainpage , i don't understand it,.. can someone plz tell me in Dutch thnx.
  6. Silver.Nikan.


    My esf was screwed up ... and now i've installed it again but i've got this error.. WHAT'S THIS :(
  7. Silver.Nikan.


    The Faulty is good msuci while playing ESF but do you guys know more bands with good music for esf? Kind of metal rock.. Please don't close this one inmediatly cuz i sure know there are more people who wants nice music while playing ESF if its not in the good board plz move it Thnx ! o_o
  8. Silver.Nikan.

    My Creative Day

    I've made some cool things, I'm proud of my work.. Rate them plz ( This is no rip work , everything is made by me ) Also Check my new Sig & Ava :laff:
  9. Silver.Nikan.


    Why is my topic in " Signatures " closed??? I didn't rip anything .. that sig was wrong
  10. Silver.Nikan.


    Enjoy the paper i've made yesterdy
  11. Silver.Nikan.


    1. 2. 3. Pic removed DO NOT POST NUDITY EVER AGAIN -Magus 4. 5. These are my most recents signatures ( see next reply for avatars ) //edit: Man Just relax .. srry about that,
  12. Silver.Nikan.

    DJ Nikan Signature & Avatar

    This is my new set of sig and ava... As you can see i can make sigs :laff: Rate plz :D
  13. Silver.Nikan.


    Hi i've got a question, Where can i download aura's for ESF? I've searched Google but cannot find anything.... I need this kind of aura's: - SSJ Aura - SSJ2 Aura - Electric Aura - Big Aura Can someone help me please ?? ( If there are errors in my post , i'm dutch ;) )...
  14. Silver.Nikan.

    How Can This Be ?

    Sorry for the bad English , im dutch ... :fight: I was playing with a few guys in the game en suddenly a guy transforms with Gohan to SSJ... en then he said: Now i'm going further.. and he types something in his console en he was SSJ4 .. and all those guys could see now a ssj4 goku... very...
  15. Silver.Nikan.


    Are there cheats for ESF ?? I'm wondering..:laff: