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    About steam its kinda wierd

    uhm when i installd it to steam and i wish to play it i get the screen of esf 1.2 and then it says :could not load library c:\valve\steam\steamapps\nantaku\half-life\esf\cl_dlls\client.dll if anyone has any id's about solvin this problem i would like it so plz help me btw:the mod kicks...
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    bout esf 1.2

    Guys i just downloaded it en i must say :GOOD JOB MAN IT IS ****** AWSOME THE MELEE IS JUST COOOOOOOOLLLLLLLEST EVER i wanted to thank u guys its really cool goodjob :) :) Please don't edit one character in a curse word, let the forum filters handle it. Swearing is generally not allowed...
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    bout won

    hey people are sayin that won is to old and needs to die so there all tryin to get u to steam . but when i play steam it looks crappy but will there be u think alwaysp layers on won?>
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    hi guys me again....

    hey guys i posted a couple of times with my problem but there whas no anser . after a couple of weeks i tryd again but the prob is this: with cs my 3d cartd works perfect doesnt go anythin wrong . but when i play esf i only can play like 30 min then the game freezes tottaly i get no error...
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    hi srry bout this

    ok first of all sry for the new tread but i need the help really bad i need somthin to work my vodoo2 card with esf cause the game freezes in 30 min but i maybe need new drivers or somthin but i dont know were to look or what to dl so would u wanna help me? Deathscytche
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    guys would u help me plz

    ok guys, my problem:when i pick 3dfx minidriver my game freezes in about 30 min and when i pick default it doesnt But:when i play in default i have a hell lagg its very bad then but when i play with my 3dfx minidriver it works perfectly but it only freezes after a while do u know what i must do...
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    Hi guys

    just wanted to tell ya all thx for helpin me out and i have a question (Whats new ^_^) my friend got the game to and after a while when he plays the screen goes blue and the comp has to restart (he has windows XP) i have tryd a lot of things with the 3d card but nothin will work so if u guys...
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    guys its me for the last time

    so i found out what error it gave and it is an arror from half-life its says then that the game is not responding or somthin like that so thats almost always and when i try to start it again i get again a error from half-life only when i reboot my comp i can play for about 10 min... PLz help...
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    Guys its me again

    hi it works great but after a while it freezes so only when i reboot my comp it works again it very enoying so plz do u guys know a anser if u do plz tell me Thx for ur help, Deathscytche
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    Guys i know ur busy but would u plz help me

    Well when i want to start esf it all works fine but when i create or join a game it says that my half life is out of date so i let it search the internet for updates but then it says the half life is up to date so do u guys know what i must do if u know plz let me know. It says that i have...