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    Kami's Palace's Cloud's Sprites

    The map is great. But the cloud sprites are kinda ugly. :/
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    You got some nice shaders. Don't you think it's time to physics? :D It'd be awesome :-)
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    Non-Steam Half-Life

    I own the first edition of Half-Life. There was no Steam in this time. When Steam came, I've faced some dark times. Steam was (still? I can't say it, since I no longer use it) a horrible system, with lack of security. Yet, I had to migrate to this system to continue playing online. I created an...
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    Legality Issues

    Would someone explain me about some titles legality issues in concernment with game development? Is it allowed to make games with a trademarked titles like animes, movies, books and even other games? What situation is it allowed and what is not? Please comment anything important about this...