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    Year Zero

    Hmm, I bought this a while ago and all I can say is I thought this would be better than With Teeth, but I guess I was expecting too much. I have read all kinds of reviews that are trying to tell me that this album is orgasmic in so many ways, yet I only have a softy here ... I didn't really...
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    Favorite AMV creators

    I've been following these guys for about three years now and they have all made some awsome AMV's. NHMK VicBond007 Productions Aluminum Studios MindWarp Entertainment Hypeodermic Studios ErMaC Studios Please post some of your favorite AMV makers or just favorite AMV's in general.
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    This Land ...

    Not sure if this is considered against the rules or not. It is political in nature, and I know most political threads are instantly closed but this is more humor IMO than political in nature. If this thread does violate any rules please close it.
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    Favorite AMV's

    Well people name off some of your favorite anime music videos.
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    Personality Test This test is real friggin accurate IMO. Go ahead take it and give us the results. I'm a ... Cautious Thinker General Description As a Cautious Thinker, you tend to take great care to be accurate and thorough in your activities...
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    Has anyone heard about the FCC and there plans on censoring offensive, indecent, and violent broadcasting? Let me know what you think about this, here are some links.
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    dnd online

    If anyone cares Turbine Ent. is publishing Dungeons and Dragons Online.
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    What was your gateway anime?

    What was the anime that you first saw that really got you into this genre? The first anime that I saw was also the first that got me into it, which was Sailor Moon, DBZ, and Akira. i am glad to say that I have moved way beyond DBZ and Sailor Moon and now enjoy "real" anime. :p
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    Pen and Paper RPG's

    This thread is for everything related to Pen and Paper RPG's. Post your characters, tell us some in game stories/experiences, likes and dislikes with new or old systems, news about upcoming releases. Whatever as long as its about Pen and Paper RPG's.
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    BS/PS Beam /No Explosion Bug

    Sometimes when I am PS against someone who is PS or BS against my beam, and I use all of my ki up the beam just keeps going until it hits the edge of the map killing the other person. Problem is that the beam doesn’t explode because it appears to stop moving and I am still attached to it...
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    Deathball + ki blob

    I threw a ki blob into someone deathball and the deathball just sat there. Not sure if it was moving at all because the player ran into his own ball a second or two after i threw the ki blob.
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    Beta Testing

    Just wondering how many beta testers there are currently testing this MOD?
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    The Maxx

    Just wondering if anyone remembers the Maxx from MTV's Oddities besides me and what you thought of it.
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    Swooping Backwards

    I don't know sometimes I just wish I could swoop backwards. Like when someone is swooping at you I would like to be able to start swooping backwards so I could see where they are and what they are doing. Don't know if it would work well or not just an idea.
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    Freeza's Beam Attack

    Here is a short clip of the only beam that I have ever seen Freeza use before. I was just wondering what you guys thing about it. Think it's worthy of being added or not? Freeza's Beam.gif
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    BS bug

    I know they are fixing it so you take less damage from other peoples attacks when you are in a PS or BS in the next patch. Anyway when you are in a BS and you are the one blocking a beam, if someone kills the person shooting the beam it explodes in your face. Shouldn't it just be thrown away...
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    Burning Attack/Finishing Buster

    This is for everyone that says that the Burning Attack is a beam and that the Finishing Buster is a ball, but most of all this is for Hibiki. Here are both of Trunk's attacks. Hopefully this will put an end to the whole ball/beam issue with trunks. Burning Attack from episode 105...
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    Day of Defeat

    Anyone ever play the HL mod Day of Defeat before? I think its one of the greatest mods out there right now for HL, let me know what you guys think.
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    New attack for Freeza

    I was watching the fight between Piccolo and Freeza and noticed that Freeza created this huge beam attack by raising his hand above his head and keeping his palm up. Next a large ball appeared and then he fired it as a beam. It is not a named attack as far as I know but who cares, as it stands...
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    Adult Gohan

    Just wondering if and when the put adult Gohan in if they will be replacing the old one or if they will be making a new character slot for him?