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    Your favourite quote?

    If your quote is not in english please translate it. My number 1 is in my sig from naruto: "Foolish little brother...". But i chose this one: "The Machine is strong. We must purge the weak, hated flesh and replace it with blessed purity of metal. Only through permanence can we truly...
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    How i can use sfv or ogm files?

    How i can play them? They are supposed to be media files, or? EDIT: I can now use them, but how i can change dubs since they are dual audio? EDIT: Thanks, it works now.
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    Mortal combat: deception.

    Can you tell me, is the fighting system good(much better than deadly alliances?)? Is there many combos? Do you like the game? Dont say its slow, i already know it. If there are somebody, who plays it...
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    How i can make avatar?

    Im here again with question of cource. How i take picture from episode? I need photoshop 7 for that? i want to make 80x80 or 74x74 size. Have someone time to answer not just quickly?(not animated)
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    Links to naruto eps.

    Well like i said dbz is my life, Naruto wont get better than it but i really like naruto. I just need pages where to download eps(japanese) without this slow bittorent. I have seen so many naruto "watchers" so i think this is good page to get info :D
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    How to make server name in steam?

    Well can someone give a link where is these steam commands, so i dont have to always come here and waste your time.
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    Basic melee have one advantage point.

    You dont have to aim so carefully. In advanced its like job of sniper. Have someone found this one out? Sometimes i dont even get to struggle or maybe i missed 1mm. Well its go for me, just wanted to send...something
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    ONe little problem when advanced melee vs. advanced melee.

    Sometimes when i and opponent both swoop to attack both pressing nothing(thats right...right?) sometimes opponent start to that bug or why it dont sometimes go to melee struggle?
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    I have little question about one mirror.

    Did that mirror betrayed you, or why(please dont ban me for this i wont tell the page) they already share 1.2 full(well they shared it about 4h ago). Is this message against rules? I saw in other thread where the thread started told the page and he got banned. I really want to know answer...
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    How i can make Lan game in steam

    I think this has been send many times, but i have to hurry. i got something...interesting. :rolleyes:
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    Question about this file... Why is it there? Is it some kind of joke? I mean you cant download it yet. Aargh!!! Did i just put this to place....should be in off-topic right?
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    Guestion about client

    When it comes? There is dedicated but only testers and esf team members can join....(because there is no clientpack)
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    Need help getting this errors off.

    i keep having errors in everything. When i watch something from some media media player: error real one: error divx: error. Or when i go to some page sometimes this iexplorer: error comes immediatly or sometimes it takes 30min. In games i have it really few times. Not only these...
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    Question about sprites.

    Can i use Esf 1.1(what i have downloaded) sprites in 1.2? Are they compatible? Or will it cause some...bugs?
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    Esf 1.2 melee progress.

    Ok im just asking is Melee now done? Bug fixing maybe not ready. But are combo moves(in every character) done yet?(just say if this is thread that will be closed immediatly...atleast this have nothing to do about...R-Day)
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    About my signature

    I just wanna ask did someone delete my animated pictures? There was 2 of them. If yes why? I have seen some guys having 2 pictures in their signature too. Is there kb limit? or cant i use animated( i have seen animated signaturs)
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    Is ESF 1.2 outline updated?

    Just asking when ESF 1.2 outline updated last time? Those same things have been there about 2month. Is it really possible that there is still that much work? EDIT: Is this thread like "whens is it out" that it will be closed and there is no answer?
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    Need help to get away from this viruses.

    Ok Trojans home are in my computer and they wont pay me so i want them away. Someone knows good free programs to kick them away? AVG-6 will found them but cant delete. Ad-aware 6 did nothing and same thing did a2. example: Well i runned Ad-aware6 it deleted some high risk files but when i runned...
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    Will there come atleast one video clip of melee before whole game is out?

    i didn`t see thread which says that all post like this will be closed. Just wanna know because the link in esf-world if doens`t work, and its good to see what new things it have now(last melee clip old).
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    How many hours you work in esf?

    Now it can`t be possible that someone had send this too. How many hours you spend making new version of esf in day?