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    N64 Roms

    lo , i didnt know where else i could ask this.. but doesnt anyone know where i can get N64 Roms ? if been searchin' on google etc.. but didnt find a good site ;\ greetz
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    Little Prob With 1.1..

    always when i try to install 1.1 the installation gets stuck.. 'Checking for previously installed components...' and it stops there.. i also tryd the update patch but its the same prob :\..
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    Beta 1.1

    how come i cant DL 1.1 ? are the links already down.. :s
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    RedSaiyan ?..

    Is redsaiyan down or something ? everytime i try to go to it my internet get stuck or something dunno.. :\
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    hey, when you record a demo for example of gohan transforming to ssj with wich program do you make it so you can look @ him in the front ? ya know like they released from vegeta transforming.. soz for the bad english but i'm from belgium thx anywayz..
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    Anyone Knows ?..

    i know this shouldnt be the place to ask this but ... does anyone know where i can download Bid For Power BUT with DBZ character and not those other ones ?? cuz those other ones kinda suck ya know.. thx anyways...
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    cant wait any more :(

    i'm sorry that i started this topic cuz so many have already asked it BUT WHEN IS THE NEW BETA GONNA COME OUT ??!! doesnt ANYBODY know ??? cuz i cant waaaaaiiiiiiitttttttttttt !!!!!!
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    buu gohan krillin ?

    when i play esf and i want buu , gohan or krillin first of all i dont get there picture and when i pick them i get somekind off piccolo but not in green ... can somebody plzzz help me ?? :cry:
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    how come ?

    when i play esf i cant choose buu gohan or krillin how come ??? when i pick them they are somekind of piccolo but not in green .. plz help me :cry: