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  1. hleV

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

  2. hleV

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

  3. hleV

    Star Citizen

    Can you support my game? Imma kickstart it in a min.
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    Dragonball Super Brolly (movie)

    Since we got Kale, it was good to introduce U7's version of the Saiyan. I watched the movie once but honestly it wasn't very memorable. But from what I can remember: Things I liked: Broli not being a retard only screaming "Kakarrot!" The new artstyle. Fight scenes. Things I didn't like...
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    @Skyrider sure you do? I do.
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    @Skyrider set .p-header-content { padding: 0 !important; } to get rid of unnecessary spacing above and below header image.
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    @Skyrider set .message-avatar-wrapper .message-avatar-online { left: 100% !important; }
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    PNG is a thing.
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    Whoever wants a rounded avatar, they can round it manually. That can't be done the other way around. Bring back square avatars.
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    round avatars are shit
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    @Skyrider @hleV test
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    I like the new forum

    Never thought XenForo was option since it's not free and all. Stay with this one! Just move this stupid online icon somewhere else: Also I can't edit my pre-XenForo posts.
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    ESF Dedicated Server for Linux

    Guide updated.
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    Test your reaction time! Human Benchmark!

    Still easily doing 160s/170s.
  15. hleV

    Why aren't you guys hosting Open Beta on torrents anymore?

    I successfully downloaded 1.3 OB like 2 weeks ago. Maybe not enough seeders at the time you tried to download?
  16. hleV

    How does it work?

    It's a Half-Life 1 mod. It will install into Half-Life folder.
  17. hleV

    What's going on?

    What exactly makes a mod dead? Just curious. Did you ask the devs and they said they don't work on it anymore? Because... THE RELEASE IS ON DECEMBER 31th, 2017! Or before it. Or after.
  18. hleV

    Struggle System - How do you think the 'ball' type attack struggles should work?

    Beams should win against balls regardless of powerlevel, and balls' pushing force shouldn't stack. "Special" balls such as Genki Dama should allow you to control it, though that'd immobilize the user.
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    What's going on?

    There's some activity, POTWs, etc. on the Discord channel. Forums are so 2005
  20. hleV

    Sub's coding pool party

    Good, it has CHEATS.