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  1. Andreasus

    Star Citizen

    @phrack50 nice fleet 👍 I only have the standard aurora XD
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    It's part of the template style, could be done
  3. Andreasus


    I like round avatars, maybe elliptical shapes would be better 🤔
  4. Andreasus

    Hello 👋

    Hello 👋
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  6. Andreasus

    Solo Leveling Manga

    Looks pretty interesting, reminds me of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
  7. Andreasus

    I like the new forum

    Very interesting.
  8. Andreasus

    I like the new forum

    It looks pretty slick, better than XenForo 1.x too. :)
  9. Andreasus

    Check it

    Looks alright, but it's just a gif :)) You gotta edit it and add something by yourself to make it a really cool signature.
  10. Andreasus

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Brenker, did you play The Witcher? Good series from the same company, I'd recommend playing it until Cyberpunk 2077 releases. ;)
  11. Andreasus

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Cool game, day 1 buy for me probably XD I really like the Cyberpunk open world setting and it's made by CDProjekt :yes: Also here's a 1 hour gameplay video:
  12. Andreasus

    What's up?

    What's up?
  13. Andreasus

    Updated KI Pool System - LSSJ/Bandit

    Suggestion from LSSJ of an updated KI System: Please reply only with real critique.
  14. Andreasus

    To the Devs: How do you guys create the particles/effects of spells/magic?

    A custom particle engine is being used which has a tool to create Particle effects. The textures themselves are created in Photoshop. Dunno about their creation though.
  15. Andreasus

    Payments Please

    Come on discord to have a talk. You can find the invite link on the homepage as a button.
  16. Andreasus

    What do you need?

    Sorry, but we don't need web developers right now, only C++ programmers and 3D modelers, which should already have a bit of knowledge or can show some work they have done. Thank you for asking though! JTM, there is development going on, but with so few people in the team in their free time it's...
  17. Andreasus

    Hey guys

    You could join the discord server, we are more active there right now.
  18. Andreasus

    Hey guys

    Hi, Risen2910, there are no official esf 1.2.3 servers running, only player servers if there are any online. Also you probably saw the melee guide of esf final, that isn't in the 1.3 open beta.
  19. Andreasus

    What's going on?

    Here is the Discord server link: . It's also on the front page now
  20. Andreasus

    Trailer for ESF

    Cool trailer, hope to see a new one soon! :yes: