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  1. Promiscuous Girl

    Immediate Playstation 3 Annoyance

    I am on fire right now. My girlfriend(not litteraly) bought a Playstation 3 a few hours ago(dont know how the hell she found one and its a 60GB at that). So shes all excited and calls me over. I make it over there, to find out that she also has a new " Sony WEGA Widescreen HDTV " as well. So we...
  2. Promiscuous Girl

    Lik-Sang is Finished. Sony is the new Nintendo.

    Lik-Sang is no more. The highly popular, importing site, comes to a close; Thankz in large part to Sony. The slight touch of irony I find in this--was that one of the great things about Sony back in the PS1 era was in how it was the first manufacturer to bring games to Europe and the US that...
  3. Promiscuous Girl

    Playstation 3 Reservations Begins Tomorrow

    Anyone actually going to reserve it, first thing tomorrow morning ?
  4. Promiscuous Girl

    High School Diploma vs G.E.D.

    Do you feel that an High School Diploma is superior to an G.E.D ? If two students actually got each one of these and were both dedicated to getting an job, would an High School Graduate be more likely to score an job first ? Do you think that High School graduates will overall, be more...
  5. Promiscuous Girl

    What's your personal sleeper hit(s) ?

    Of course, the natrual success of your sleeper hit is irrelevant. What matters here is only in reference to your personal satisfaction-- meaning a game you underestimated, never hyped up or got caught in hype, ect.-- Only for it to blow you away, after giving it a chance. Thus, making it your...
  6. Promiscuous Girl

    It's Finally Here-- A New Method Of Posting

    Have you've had trouble here with swear filters ? Are you fed up with editable fonts that makes it hard for some users to read because of the size ? Do you hate it when your serious or angry but people dont realize it because they can't see your facial expression behind their PC/Laptop screen...
  7. Promiscuous Girl

    Microsoft's Handheld " Argo " Confirmed

    -- Well, i guess Microsoft is joining in as well, it was only a matter of time. They seem to be playing it smart though, with no intentions to go directly after Nintendo-- as of yet anyway.
  8. Promiscuous Girl

    Professional Gaming Contracts Worth 1 million Dollars ?

    This is simply unbelievable-- i was reading up on a few things and recently found out that gamers now are being payed millions to play in tournaments that absolutely no one watches-- i can't believe their actually calling themselves " Professional Atheletes. " This is almost as bad as showing...
  9. Promiscuous Girl

    How do you feel about Region-Coding ?

    It bugs the hell out of me that i have to continue to do other things to my gaming consoles just to play imports-- some of my friends would love to import quite a few games but believe it's to much of a hassle overall. I use modchips to play import games from Japan and other region-coded places...
  10. Promiscuous Girl

    Naruto Uzumaki Ninden 2 : Konoha Spirits

    Well, i don't know why but their attempting to try this Action Adventure RPG based game on the Playstation 2 once again. Im going to hold out for reviews this time-- i really prefer a 4th installment for the Naruto Narutimett Hero Series myself, but im hoping that's for the PS3. But...
  11. Promiscuous Girl

    Which Devs Appeal To You The Most ?

    This is all based on a regional perspective only, of course. I got this idea for a topic after reading the July issue of the GI Magazine-- i came upon this quote from the last guy i expected to see this from-- That was quite an honest and humble observation-- however, i don't agree with him...
  12. Promiscuous Girl

    Bleach Officially Announced -- Wii

    I had originally found this out two weeks ago-- but i never seen anyone actually talk about Bleach here all that much, which made me assume that their wasn't any fans of Bleach here. But i decided to post it anyway and find out for myself. In my opinion, i think this game will be a dream come...
  13. Promiscuous Girl

    Neglected Gaming Franchises--Titles

    What are some of the gaming franchies--titles that were neglected in any of the previous generations of gaming-- you would like to see make a return for the any of the next-generation gaming consoles. I'll list some of mine below first. PS3 Marvel vs Capcom Megaman Legends Medievil...
  14. Promiscuous Girl

    3 New FC Sigs/Tags-- Team 7 Trio

    -- ^_^ Well im kind of an off--on sig/tag maker myself, but recently ive been trying to stay into the mix, and hopefully i will start improving. Anyway's, i made these yesterday, and would greatly appreciate C&C before i bother to contribute them to a few online Fan Clubs.
  15. Promiscuous Girl

    What's with the PC Gaming Titles ?

    This just bothers me for some reason, because i really do want to get into PC gaming, but they seem very limited. I dont mind saving up and working hard to invest in great Video Cards or a great amount of RAM or any of that stuff. But it just never seems to offer anything outside of MMO's, RS...
  16. Promiscuous Girl

    It's Important to Shave Everywhere Guys!!!

    Roflmao!! You guys here need to totally check this out. I found this to be highly amusing. Also, after the intro is over, you can go over to the main menu and click other options with activates other ones as well which are just as funny, in my opinion.
  17. Promiscuous Girl

    Anyone Actually Remember This Article ?

    -- I never saw this Article before, so it really caught me off guard-- this guy makes me never want to buy a Nintendo product again. How can someone be so obnoxious, not that i should care, but damn....anyway just scroll down abit on the page to read everything in english...
  18. Promiscuous Girl

    Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 2 -- Revolution

    It's un-believable, Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 2 for the N-Revolution.... And oh's on the PS2 as well i guess. Anyway's, anyone looking forward to it ? I simply loved the first one and can't wait for this one. Although, it is abit dissapointing not to see it on the PS3.
  19. Promiscuous Girl

    Ubisoft CEO Claims Japan's Market Biased

    After making the shocking announcement that a new Naruto game would heading to xbox 360 in 2007, Ubisoft CEO speaks his mind about the Japan gaming market. Now i've been teetering back and forth on whether the...
  20. Promiscuous Girl

    CO-OP Recommendations ?

    Im in need of some Co-op games. I just recently played and finished Onimusha 3 with a good friend and had a great time. It was so damn addicting. But anyway, like i said--im really in need some more Co-op games to play, preferably ones that include more then a 2 - player option. Any...