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  1. Culex


    This has been suggested before and denied also. Didn't they have a rule where you had to search for what you were suggesting, and if it was denied to not bring it up if you didn't have new points?
  2. Culex

    ESF in Half-Life

    I didn't think you actually had to place the maps physically in the folder. The maps show up with "maps *" in any other modification and work fine to a degree.
  3. Culex

    ESF in Half-Life

    Can't you just type in whatever chapter of Half-Life you want to play in as an arguement for the map proc and play like that?
  4. Culex

    They shouldn't

    WON was owned by Sierra, and VALVe is no longer part of Sierra. So Sierra isn't allowing VALVe products to connect to WON. And thats why they made STEAM, basically.
  5. Culex

    Powerlevel. Should it be more then just a marker?

    This entire post sponsors beating bots to death then unlocking your server to pummel opponents with INCREDIBLE ease. More ontopic to the original idea, the ki does rise, IF you think about it in a really wierd way. Think like this; Ki is consumed by a percentage. When you transform, you can...
  6. Culex


    The only thing I have against this is that I can't view HTML in the Half-Life engine for some reason. I believe it is my video card, but I don't feel like fighting it again. So, um, no?
  7. Culex

    Somebody tell me the name of this manga

    That clearly isn't a woman getting his ass handed to him.
  8. Culex

    OUuu shi....T!! live action movie ...

    Look ma, inaccuracies! <i>"He [Goku] lands near a Buddhist Temple where he is raised to be a kindhearted boy by all of the monks."</i> This would be the kamehameha of inaccuricies. Everyone knows that Goku landed near a water fall, and when he just got there, he was REALLY evil, trying to...
  9. Culex

    Ideas for 1.3 Please read.Has Ideas for spirit bomb and cvars.

    The only way I could see your starting PL cvar idea work is if it was used as a percentage. Everything else has been addressed....
  10. Culex

    SPEED shown in hub

    Seeing how this would be a suggestions on ESF's current coding, then speed would be constant after a transformation or before, so adding a speed stat panel thingy on the hub would be useless.
  11. Culex

    Sierra Shutdown!

    CS isn't a Sierra game anymore, it is a VALVe game. And this mean WON goes down, which also pisses me off, because I believe Tribes 2 runs off WON...
  12. Culex

    about the androids

    Mainly the disadvantage to not having a transformation is the decrease in both melee damage and beam damage.
  13. Culex

    about the androids

    Here's a suggestion; They don't lose ki ever, but they don't get transformations.
  14. Culex

    New system

    Ki wouldn't effect your physical state. Ki is basically your power within. It isn't stamina, it isn't your life force, it is its own thing. And to be honest, I don't like this system. I don't know why either. And as Hibiki would say, "Too many buttons".
  15. Culex

    I need help and the newbie place isn't being watched

    Yeah, you can't invite people with some kind of command. Unless you want to be a smart ass and say the command is "say".
  16. Culex

    A big "Kamehameha" to Beam Spam: Detailed Idea Inside

    If this were to be implied, I would want the same thing to happen to advance melee, as I am getting tired of people coming up and doing the SAME COMBO OVER AND OVER! Other then that, the idea is alright. But people will still whine about beams.
  17. Culex


    I think it should be homing IF ONLY the homing part changes it course SLOWLY, that way it is easier to dodge. And the longer you charge it, the more it homes in.
  18. Culex


    I meant your active window and header text is red, which isn't entirely true to the site layout. The tabs on the top of the site are white, not red.
  19. Culex

    Teleport while swooping

    OK, first of all, if your going to call people who use Beams "Beam spammers" then I am going to refer to melee users as "Melee whores". Now, you have implied that you are a melee whore. Now, if your going to do something stupid and try to swoop me head on, I will probably smack you in the...
  20. Culex

    CAN u use laser like ultimate bot's ???

    If you could, wouldn't you think people online would be doing it? So probably not.