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    Bow to the Prince *

    PFfft ? vox leaked ? I don't buy that bull**** . Omfg . Even tho I don't get along too well with him from the past, he ain't a guy that would leak . OMFG . All u noobs stop putting the blame on him , and even Smo himself knows vox didn't leak . omfg , stupid**** ass thread .
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    anyone want to skin a trunks?

    Hmm, I'm in the mood , I'll skin it once I'm home . (Probably in 2 houres from now).
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    i guess a new Freiza skin form 1 and 2

    Reskin ? If u wanna erskin something, start from the skratch .
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    Gohan s skin

    Would you kill me if I told u my real opinion on that skin ?
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    Indiana Jones

    And people actually said her skins were bad .. That's unbelevable .
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    gohan head

    I'll be skinning it more than happily for you . If the body keeps the quallity of course.
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    New skinn , from the sucker himself .

    Yes , Good point . And yeah, I guess .
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    New skinn , from the sucker himself .

    Ok vox, I know u hate me , but ur pissing me off. If ur gonna post **** like that U coulda told smo that personally . Just ask him urself WHICH part of the skin he did .. The face and the green on the head, rest I did myself . Now I know u try to find any situation possible to insult me or...
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    New skinn , from the sucker himself .

    The arms are just the render . Btw, C&C means critts and comments . Thanks . And reason I didn't do Nuttzys Brolly was cause some *****es started flaming me and so Nuttzy told me himself I can cancel it if I want .
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    New skinn , from the sucker himself .

    Well, I'm doing a skin again I guess . I asked Smo to help me out with the head , so most of the headwork is done by him . I'm in charge of the body as well as some editing parts . I'll have the done version completed by later today, c&c would be greatly appreciated .
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    Ahh, Yet again Showster Strikes :P . Great man, The skin improoves the model soo badly . I love the muscle definations , Great job .
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    Possibly for ESF >_O

    I suggest U don't go against a mod .
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    My new brolly (release soon)

    lol , Ain't we confident Shin . And thank you vox , ur always so supportive towards me . However, I don't mind u people dissin me around to be honest . I'm doing the skin for Nuttzy and that's the finals . However , I never dissed u nor started a flame , so I think personally u should stop...
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    Im Back!!!

    Why is this posted on model/skin section ? I don't see any models skins ....
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    picolo skin

    I'll start the Edit tomorrow . (Friday)
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    trunks needs skining

    This is sooo gonna get closed :o
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    DBU Goku .

    Those pants aren't even started, the color comes from polygonal fill for the uvw mapps . And I will reskin the head .
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    DBU Goku .

    Update .. Everything that's not skinned now are pants + the orange shirt . Rest is done
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    DBU Goku .

    Ya, I will render the head, and some more parts now , with a closer render .