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    15 Minute Sketch

    Its just a rough draft, I got a new scanner so I was itching to use it. So i got into drawing things. This one is Gohan, but I'm working on other things besides dbz.
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    [WIP]ImmortalH's Magus

    This time, i'm sporting pictures. Its not much, but the thing is, even though the image is on an angle, i can rotate it around to get the front etc., and fillin the empty spots. Enjoy. Critz please, but not too harsh, this is only my 2nd quality model.
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    [WIP]Magus From CT

    Ok, no pics yet, but I just wanted to let the community aware that I'm on the job. I've started on the ears yesterday, but didn't get far due to homework. The weekend is near so I'll possiblyl get the ears and hair. *Note* I have to work from the official art which is pretty decent but there...
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    I want to start something

    I don't really know what to take as requests for someone to make or to get models from in the request thread so i decided to make this. I'm interested in making a model but i have no clue what of. Does anyone have a suggestion?