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  1. dudeman

    ESF group pictures 2003, 2004 and 2005

    Hey all! Some of you might know me, I bet most do not since the original ESF community has nearly entirely flushed and refilled over time. Anyhow I saw someone picked up the line where I dropped it and continued making ESF murals, big thumbs up for him! What I'm wondering about right now is...
  2. dudeman

    not pron!

    okey, before i start my story, those of you who have found notpron years ago by now, dont brag about it, no one will think you are cool just because you accidentally came across this site earlier, I am posting this for the ones who havent seen/done this yet, so keep the/those comment in front of...
  3. dudeman

    ESF Group Picture 2005

    [THIS POST WAS EDITED AT 4th DEC 2006 TO ONCE AGAIN INCLUDE THE MURAL AND THE OLDER ONES] Howdy all, i havent been around for ages, I know. Im very honored to see this thread is still alive, or rather, still stickied. This might have been a result of no one noticing it or bothering to take it...
  4. dudeman

    dudeman, but chibified! :D

    im chibifieeeddd!!! :p for those who have never seen me: this is what i look like in real life. tell me what you thinkz0r!!
  5. dudeman

    Old dayssss!!

    Who remembers?! oh and wich of these members are still sticking around? leave a post if you do :p
  6. dudeman

    Upload script.. kill my host!

    yo people, for all of you seeking a simple host for your artwork, ive put up a little script that lets you upload files of 5 meg max, as many as you like, and theres no limit to the number of files you can upload.[i might disable adding new files if it gets out of hand] Nor do you need to...
  7. dudeman

    Death Fall

    okey so about the girl ive drawn earlier, im gonna put a little story into it. the last picture i made and this one will be the last 2 in a serie of 4 pictures. this one is "death fall", (WIP) and the one i made earlier will be called "the decision" after i made all the drawings i will do...
  8. dudeman

    stuff!! hmmkay?hmmkay.

    i started out trying to imitate the furikuri manga style *drool* but ehm.. it just became another one of my nonsenze bul.. thingies.. i still like it tho.. let me know if you guys do.
  9. dudeman

    dudema.. wha? who?

    Yo peeple. The oldsk00 dewds among you most certainly know me and my awesome reputation, but for those green ones under us that have not yet felt the enlightenment of defective brain, but the ultimate freedom in creation that such a play of nature can develop, uhm.. nah nevermind, just ask...
  10. dudeman

    Goodbye all!

    Hey all. As some of you prolly know i had been banned a while ago. Wich made me want to quit ESF for good now. (for saying the s-word) Ive been considering to leave the ESF forums multiple times in the past, for various reasons, wich im going to explain now. About 3 years ago, the ESF...
  11. dudeman

    about that vice city crack

    i see that post was closed because its warez.. allow me to point out that no-cd fixed EXE's are NOT warez, you are allowed to have em as long as you own a legal copy of the original game. off course, we all know what people really use em for, but its not nessesari to close the threads on...
  12. dudeman


    I went drawing this think for no reason yesterday, the first scetch looked good in my opinion, so i kinna worked it out... as usual, comments and crits welcome.
  13. dudeman

    Throatslit Asassin. WIP

    im currently working on a lil picture with my tablet, i made up the characters and all.. blahblahblah crits 'n comments, blahblah u get the idea. i know some stuff still looks ghey and thats why its WIP greetz blabla, dudeman
  14. dudeman

    hidden image sig

    i tried out a lil technique to hide an image in another image, now this sig isnt particulairly great, but it was just to try out teh technique... to see the hidden image, select the sig. i will probably do this in my next upcoming sigs aswell, so keep and eye out for it.
  15. dudeman

    The Bear Family

    Hi everyone.. after once again being inactive for a lil while im gonna jump back in action with the release of the W.I.P version of The Bear Family mural: oh and please do NOT pm me or ask if you can get on it cuz unless your in the bear family you cant!
  16. dudeman

    - a new thing i tried out -

    I recently got myself a tablet (heaven on earth!) and am now so heavily addicted to it that i blame god for being unable to play shooters with it.. oh well.. i messed up a picture of my older sister: heres the original one:
  17. dudeman

    Frozen Tears

    Frozen tears, in the depths of sadness there is a limit, wich is where you break your line and let go of it. everything. it stops, gets blocked by the frozen tears, you cant see them, but you can feel them, they hurt, but at the same time theres a small sense of enjoyment deep in your heart, you...
  18. dudeman

    paintchat art

    i somehow got gr00vily addicted to paintchat and im making more stuff everyday.. such as and when i was done i felt like ****ing it up and drew blood on her but actually liked it so im posting that one too
  19. dudeman

    paintchat art

    some stuff i made in paintchat.. ahnuld schwarzenecker (the japanese call him ahnuld :P) heres a photoshop edited one.. and heres some creeper d00d i made up...
  20. dudeman

    My recent artwork.

    Hi guys! i havent been showing any artwork lately and i tought i'd show you something again.. this thing here is called "De nieuwe dag" wich is dutch for "The new day" this one is being placed in an art gallery in rotterdam, also being sold, so if ur interested in flying down to holland just...